Tuesday, October 09, 2007

452 - I Watch, YOU Fight!

Lord Jesus, thank you for a great weekend. More than anything thank you for all the friends that took the time to pray for me. Thank you for bringing to mind my exhaustive state and prompting them to pray. Thank you that they also took the time to send me a note of encouragement and love. Oh Lord - thank you for blessing me in that way. I hope it is not any time soon, but I hope when the time comes I can do and be the same for all my friends! Praise you Lord - that was You in skin!! Oh Lord, thank you!! And I got to talk with my mom for a long time too! yeah!!!

Lord, many times i view problems in my life as something that I am to fight, but with your power and strength. I am still not sure that is not the truth, but I have also seen a different scenario as well. Exodus 15:3 says, "The Lord is a warrior; the LORD is his name." When I first dissected that it was quite confusing. Warrior just translates into an individual man or being of war, fighting, battles, etc. as opposed to a mankind in battle. And then of course the capital LORD is the Yahweh, covenant God. I still was not getting anywhere until i looked up the relating verse of Ex. 14:14 -"The Lord will fight for you, you need to only be still."

So as I sat there with the Lord at my hearth I was just pondering waiting for Him to reveal what He is saying to me today. Then it came - he reminded me of an internal battle I am constantly at war with, a thought process that seems to rule me at times, a place my brain goes that I seem to have no control over. This weekend I was asking Him over and over, how Lord, how can I ever have victory in this? How can my mind ever be one that immediately pleases You instead of taking the rough road? It seems to be nothing that I can do and He said RIGHT!!!

IN THIS SITUATION - the Lord is my warrior, he is the one that is going to fight this battle for me! He is in covenant with me and that can never be broken. He will keep His covenant because He is God and perfect and pure and righteous! There are certain times that He requires nothing of us in the war except to be still. "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still." That "still" means to be silent, to be quiet, to say nothing. I think you are saying to me this morning Lord that this one is one that You got covered. You are my mighty warrior and you need me to sit back and do nothing, say nothing...................just watch. Oh Lord, even in that it takes great trust. I want to help out. I want to do something to speed along the healing. I want to give you a hand because I feel such responsibility for my sin and such! Oh Lord, is there not just one thing I can do - Yes, I hear you say - Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your healing and victory will come in due time and like my knight in shining armor. You will ride in at just the perfect time to claim me as your prize. You will come to my rescue and scoop me up. You will be valiant and radiant!! You ARE!! It is finished!!

"I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war." Rev. 19:11.

Lord praise you!! Thank you!!! Help me to be still, silent, and just watch!! Do nothing!! I am going to close to St. Louis today to speak to a group of women. Fill me to the brim - may I only speak Your Words!! May they be ready to receive!! I love you!! Thank you for this opportunity, please bring more! Thank you for Your Word!


Dori said...


I am writing a post right this minute on the VERY SAME VERSE -- Exodus 14:14.


God must really wanting to teach us something about sitting still and letting Him do the fighting!

I didn't even finish reading your post so I can finish writing mine. We'll see what we both come up with together....Is He not the most amazing God???


Fran said...

Oh Leigh...Just to be still and silent and let our Warrior fight for us. Isn't that just the most beautiful picture. But, can be so challenging at the same time.

I LOVED this post. Thank you for always blessing me. A prayer for you today....

"Lord Jesus, I pray for your presence to overflow Leigh as she begins the journey to speak today.
Lord, it is through you and you alone that this will be a blessing to others and we praise you in advance for what will take place with that group of ladies. Lord, let Leigh's light shine ever so brightly and that others will see the beauty of Jesus in her. Thank you for this amazing vessel and give her all that she needs for today. May your hand be upon her and that hearts and lives are changed through the words you will give her. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!"

Blessings Siesta~

Nicki said...

Great thoughts Leigh, the battle belongs to the Lord. AMEN. Praying for you right now as you are speaking. Hope things go well!

Melissa May said...

I have been praying some very similar things... God's teaching me how to trust HIM to finish the work that HE has begun in me. I focus so readily on the part I think I'm supposed to do that I forget that it's really all about what He is doing in me. And I was reminded earlier this morning that sometimes trusting Him means NOT praying anymore about something b/c He's heard it enough already and is ready to move on to something else! : )
Seeking Stillness, Melissa

CrownLaidDown said...

Sitting still with you friend...just being quiet, but being your friend and sitting at His feet. That is my picture of how us Sisters are.

Even now as you travel...you may even be speaking to a cousin or aunt of mine. I was born in Alton and have family scattered around there. Praying for you friend. Will you pray for me, too? Finances--our truck to sell.

Love in Him,