Monday, November 12, 2007

475 - Update and Handcuffs!!!

Oh Lord, I hope that title doesn't make me have weird Google Ads....creepy or nasty.... Ha ha! Did anyone hear a loud shoutin' going on on Saturday afternoon? I had just gotten back from the retreat with the Plainview Women from Norris City and just had to shout out some praise to my Lord. He was soo soosos sosoosoooooso soso soso soooooo good to us!! When we first moved to Norris City this is the church that i wanted to the Lord to call us to so bad!! I tried and tried to make it happen, but He just didn't have that in our plans. Clay was very willing as well, but we just didn't feel called. I know now why even more I had such a desire to go there. Those ladies are so fun, sweet, kind, real, and just plain down to earth. Oh I love them!!

Friday night was special with the worship. I didn't want to move from that! Ladies everywhere bowing down, spread out on the floor, hands raised, singing and praising with all they have!! It was incredible not to mention sounded heavenly. Oh Jesus - thank you for allowing me the privilege to be part of that!! Oh Lord, bless them. Take them to whatever is the next level for them. Lord, mix it all up and bless their socks off. Give them ideas as a women's ministry to do things unheard of - to dare to go beyond - to do the things that makes You shine and glory revealed. Oh Lord, I pray that for them and believe it will happen.

We did some skits on Saturday morning that were awesome. But in the midst of it all a conversation started about not sitting in your regular pew spot. Just being bold enough to move and then love on a new group around you!! So I talked with Nancy yesterday and she said the whole church was at the front and just a jumbled up!!! What an awesome thing!! You know what it is like to sit in "someone's" pew not on purpose, but then to do it on purpose and smile about it!! Oh praise you Father!! This could be their beginning of some new and exciting things. They already have a ton of great things going on, but He may be wanting to change it up!!

Lord Jesus - I have never been in handcuffs that i could feel. Praise you! But You know very well there have been spiritual handcuffs in my life that I have put on myself due to some sin. I didn't want them to be there, but for some reason there was something I was not wiling to let go and it chained me up!! But as I said before - it was something I had put on myself. I think of jealousy and bitterness or as we talked about in my Sunday School class, worry, can be the handcuffs we choose to put on and not unlock! We had rather stay pinned up and immobile or at least unproductive than to be set free. Rather than going down that road of choosing to not be set free, I want to show you what Jamie showed us on Friday night at the retreat.

Acts 16:25-26 "About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody's chains came loose.

So as in this story, there are times that we put the handcuffs on ourselves, but what about when they are forced on us - lose of job, sickness, husband's actions, finances, loss of loved one, wayward kids, etc......... A situation just paralyzes us!! Paul and Silas had been put in prison because they freed a girl from the demon within her. Only thing, this demon was one that was making money for the rich of that day. She was a fortune teller. She had been following Paul and the gang around everywhere shouting out what they were - only this was not a fortune telling - it was just the obvious truth - "they are followers of the most High God". Paul demanded her handcuff be released in the name of Jesus Christ and then they got thrown in prison for that!! She dropped them and they picked them up in jail!! It happens that way sometimes!

So what do our men after God's heart do??? The word says they after they were praying and singing hymns (Oh no, should we still be singing hymns in church????????? ha ha) things began to happen. #1 - others listened. When we are in the same position as another and you are the one of any kind of leadership position - others will watch and listen!! #2 - things, foundations, began to move, shake, and change!! In the storm prayer and praise brings about movement - all forms of movement! #3 - doors flew open and chains fell off - prayer and praise makes the impossible happen. Prayer and praise will not just knock your shackles off, but open the door of escape. Oh Lord, i hear some praise coming on!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!


Fran said...

YEAH LEIGH!! I am so happy for you!
I know that was a truly God experience for everyone. I celebrate and praise His name with you!

To God be the glory!

Nicki said...

Sounds amazing!!! I'm so glad things went well and the Lord spoke so clearly! How exciting!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Praise the Lord for women that chose to engage in worship of our God. Sounds like He showed up and showed out for you!!


Heather Hargis said...

Also interesting to note that EVERYONE's handcuffs came off because of Paul and Silas's prayers and praise, right??!? What an opportunity we have to aid others in their pursuit of freedom! :)