Tuesday, November 13, 2007

476 - Next Few Days

Hello to everyone. What a great day and exciting week for me. I am leaving in just a few minutes to go to Nashville for the next couple of days to sit and learn!!!!!! It is the National Women's Ministry Forum. It will be an opportunity for me to learn a ton of things about women's ministry, and meet a ton of people. These are the decisions makers for many churches and so I am so excited to get to see them in person.

My ministry partner, Ginger, is still mourning the loss of her father in law and so please pray for her. She is going to be coming to some things today and then hopefully all day Wednesday and Thursday. Her heart and family are hurting so bad. Please, please pray for them!! I will actually be staying with my cousin to give them some room.

Ginger and I have done a lot of work to prepare for this conference. Made up flyers, had shirts made, spiffed up our bios, made lots of copies of our messages, business cards, etc. I am excited to see Him bless it all!!

Please be praying. Valarie thank you for praying already. Nicki - I promise to get back with you about my email. Just a bit rushed right now. Maybe I can call yo on the road. I am excited to talk. Tracy, love to hear from you if you get a moment... I will be on the road for a little less than 4 hours.

If there is anyone in blogland that is going to this please please please let me know. Just comment back or email and let me know you are there. I would love to see you. Fran, you there? Now that would be awesome since we didn't get to meet up last time!

I am hoping to introduce myself to Priscilla Shrirer. I want let her know I am the one she left a comment on my blog. You know that means we are BFF's now and I think it is only right that she knows what I look like! hee hee

Love to all - pray big to my Huge God!! Love to see His glory!


Fran said...

I wish I was going, but I'm not.
I was so sad about it but it wasn't a good week on the family calendar or the work calendar.

I can't wait to hear snippets of what you learn and maybe even who you will meet!!!

I will be praying for you!!
much love,

Nicki said...

WOW, Priscilla Shrirer LEFT YOU A COMMENT!! When was that??? =) that's awesome! I'll be praying for you and Ginger! I can't wait to hear all about it!

ps-take your time, it's ok, it's a busy week around here too! But I am excited to talk!

Leigh said...

My prayers are with you, and your friend in light of the lossof her father. Have a safe trip.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Praying that God will bless and open big doors for you this week.

Dionna said...

I would love to go to a women's ministry event someday. (Sigh.) Does Priscilla blog?

jennyhope said...

I am so sorry about your friend. hope you have a great time. you are cracking me up about the BFF! :)

jen said...

whoo hoo! I bet ya'll will look so cute in the t-shirts! I'm praying for God to bless BIG!

Lindsee said...

Just catching up on blogs. I hope this week has gone well for you!!!! This is exciting!!! Let us know how it went. And, I guess I could tell you to have a good weekend...but I am sure you will!!



Leigh Gray said...

hey everyone - it was wonderful and just so awesome!!! I can't wait to sit down and tell you more!! thank you for your prayers...


PS - Priscilla and I are seriously BFF's. She took a picture with me. (Notice I did not say I took a picture with her.) ha ha ha

Valarie said...


I've been prayin all week and can't wait to hear how God worked! HURRY UP AND SHARE GIRLFRIEND!!!