Friday, November 09, 2007

474 - What Does It Look Like?

When one of my kids are sick I am always thinking or wondering why God did not make germs blue or at least tinted so that I could clean them all up. I want to try to rid the house of them so that one of the other 3 do not get whatever is the choice of sickness for the moment! Wouldn't that be cool to do that with a bad attitude as well - just wipe it up and be done! I am just thinking it would be easier if i could identify the little stinkers and then dispose quickly. But no! They have to be invisible. Even though they are invisible they make a distinct mark on whomever they have attacked - and sometimes my carpet too! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord Jesus - you have revealed the same thing to me this morning. I am STILL in the idol, reflections, image, etc. studying. And so it dawned on me this morning that I have been studying all about idol worship and what that might look like. Didn't have to go far to find an good! But then I thought, but what does a real idolater look like. I mean do they certainly personality traits. If there is something obvious that I could see for myself then I could just wipe it up and be done. Or are they invisible?? And it was if I could hear the Lord say - I thought you would never ask.

Eph. 5:5 "For this you can be sure: no immoral, impure, or greedy person - such a man is an idolater - has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God." There it is the Lord shouted to me. Idolater has at least 3 very distinct characteristics - and I am sure others as well. But these are the three germs you will want to quickly wipe up and do away with! Immoral, impure, and greedy - concoction for a severe rascal in the kingdom of God!

Immoral - Lord, so often I think of that as the person that is sexually immoral, but even as I sit here today, there are areas in my life that are immoral. Shows that I find myself flipping through. Thoughts that enter into my head that are related to my past or something I should not have been a part of. Immoral - just something that is not moral. Being dishonest. Not giving back even a penny when I know I have been given back too much money - or even realizing it later. There are decisions that I make that can have a moral connotation to them that i ignore for some reason or another. Just because I am not being unfaithful to my husband or am not watching some porn stuff or having abortions or whatever......... does not mean that i can't have immorality about me. I am not immune I do know that! So check - i have the first trait!

Impure - oh goodness gracious! This word actually means being filthy on the inside and outside! Impure thoughts, impure motives, impure words, impure whatever. This one kind of seems like a GIGO kind of thing. Garbage in and garbage out. This is thoughts that have nothing to do with glorifying our Lord and Savior or anything that takes our focus from Him. Thinking on his purity and righteousness leads us to the purity of mind that we should have. I really believe that insecurity and self-degrading thoughts can go in this category. Sooooooooo, you guess it - check - I have this one too.

Greedy - oh my word. I just don't even want to go here! I am on my way to Evansville today to do a bit of Christmas shopping and all i can think of is the things I would like for Christmas myself!! Greed!!!!!!!!! Oh Lord, greedy with my time. There are times I get irritated because the kids are needing one thing after another when I am working on something on the computer. I get greedy with my time for sure. Possibly greedy with my gifting - I only want to do what I want to do. Yep - check - I have this trait as well.

After taking an inventory of what an idolater looks like or appears to be - I confess that i fit the bill or fit the mold. But God - there is that wonderful phrase and truth that is so crucial to the Christian. Yes, I am all those things and I have even worse traits to add, but covered with the blood of Christ - oh goodness - need to raise my hand and type with one finger!!! Thank you Jesus - I have been redeemed!! Oh Lord, praise you for making me more than I could ever be. Only because of Your grace, mercy and power - it takes power to change one as filthy as me - can I ever stand before you whole. I am pure, moral, and giving because of You. When those traits do exude from my body it is only because of You. Naturally I want to be impure, immoral, and greedy. It is easier - but oh the joy and peace of serving You and Your powerful work in my life!! Thank you my Savior!! Thank you this morning for showing me what i am, but what you have redeemed as well. You have a lot riding on this... let me not disappoint!! What a risk you are taking!!! Lord, thank you thank you thank you for your redeeming power and cleansing nature! I love you, Father!


Fran said...

I wish I could type with one hand and raise the other with you!! Thank you Jesus for loving me despite my mess of myself!

GREED: that's my big boogaboo out of those three. Its just ugly isn't it?! Want, want, want, want.
Keep me balanced Lord.

Also, I walked Union this morning and it was just a gorgeous day!!!
I prayed for you sweet sister.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Praise Him for this! Can we ever comprehend just how much our perfect, sinless God loves us!?!!

I see all three of those traits in my life and think WOW!! My God STILL loves me. It just blows my mind and makes me want HIM more.

jennyhope said...

i love when Fran says boogaboo! She cracks me up and I love her! Anyway, this is so good and convicting. Keep running hard Leigh!! love jenny
Also, I was feeling the same way this week as we were so sick about the germs. :)

Jackie said...

Amen- that is a good word. Thanks for sharing your heart with us, we are blessed by it!!

Kim said...

Great word today and it spoke to me so clearly. When I Christmas shop, I want, want, want for myself...I don't always give in but I sure have a problem with the temptation. Thanks for sharing this - I need to print it and take it shopping with me in my purse next weekend. :)