Monday, December 17, 2007

497 - Go Tell It on a Mountain

Dear Father in Heaven - thank you for a great weekend. We got about 2 inches of snow and that is all the kids have been dreaming about. Snow makes the bitter cold weather so worth it. I bought some good snow outfits and boots for the kids a few weeks back and that helped so much. They stayed out there for a long time. It gets frustrating for a mom when the kids tromp in and out "fourty-leven" times. Maybe we will get some more for Christmas!

Yesterday my preacher's title was "Go tell it on a Mountain" and it really got me thinking... Ginger and I are making some ministry changes and we need others to "go tell it on a mountain". I looked through the scriptures to see if that phrase was actually in the Bible - in my brief search I could not find it. I could find where the shepherds were going to go tell all that they had seen. I found where the disciples met with Jesus on a mountain. I found where we are to go make disciples, but not necessarily on a mountain. And of course there was all the preachin' on a mountain or Jesus retreating to a mountain. But no go tell it on a mountain - that i could find - except for the famous song.

But why a mountain - and I am just kind of thinking outloud here. When you are screaming from the top it can go much further - no things to disrupt. On top there is little to stop the flow of the message. On the top there is gravity to pull it down to all areas - it has to land. On the mountain top there is an echo - takes the message even farther. Go tell it on a mountain has much positive results to get the Word or word out.

Ginger, my ministry partner, and I have been given a challenge from the Lord and we are so excited to be asked. It is not so much the challenge that is exciting, but the fact that He chose us to ask hoping or knowing (depends on how you look at it) that we would say yes. I am not tooting my horn - please hear that - I am just so excited that God thought enough of us to ask this challenge! God issued a challenge to us both - that is part of the really cool thing - "What if for one year you ask for no real kind of speaking fee? You get your traveling expenses paid, but just rely on me to prompt whomever to give to the ministry through love offerings, etc. Can you trust Me to provide?"

What Lord - are you serious? How will I ever get all the ministry expenses paid? Do you trust me? What Lord, How will I explain this to my business man husband? Do you trust me? What Lord, this just doesn't seem right? Do you trust me? Lord, this is going to really change our ministry - we will not be taken as serious. Do you trust me? Lord, do you understand how much this could stifle the momentum we have going here? Do you trust me? Lord, I doubt we can get any kind of speaking team that takes no speaking fee? Do you trust me? Lord, are shutting the doors here? Do you trust me?

As Ginger and I have pondered this for some time an amazing thing began to happen - freedom began to grow and grow in our hearts! I trust You! How awesome to be able to speak to event planners and not have to get to that "money" part of the conversation. I trust You. I will not be in the rat race of ministry to publish a book and be to this level making this amount per engagement - I know that sounds terrible, but that is the truth of the matter - unspoken I should say... I can just rest and allow God to do His thing and me just be along for the ride. I trust you!! Speaking Thru Me will not be a business posing as a ministry - it will be a ministry. I trust You!

I had a few friends praying about this for us and one of my concerns was Clay's reaction. How would he take this? His initial reaction was wonderful - Leigh, it only takes the faith of a mustard seed. I just kind of let it sit in for a few days and kept praying for his total acceptance and agreement and SUPPORT! I was all snuggled in bed on Saturday morning and Clay woke me up. "We need to talk, Leigh." He is such a great communicator. "I get it! I am fully on board and in complete support of what God is asking of you and Ginger and the ministry. I think this is a place where God can truly bless and use the 2 of you." Now that was an awesome reason to be woken up! "Those that ask a fee are not bad, not NOT trusting the Lord, not NOT doing ministry - that was me just a few weeks ago........... But, Leigh, this just puts you at a new level - on a different road...........I believe this puts you on a road of ministry instead of something else. The something else was ministry as well, but this is just different. It is like God is asking if you trust Him enough to do this............" Ya'll I was about to turn a flip flop right there in bed!!!

God asked........ Ginger said yes immediately........... I thought about it for a day or two and then said yes. So this is where we are. We need your yelling on a mountain top. We need your prayers. We need your support. We need your prayers. We need your ideas. We need your prayers. We need your thoughts. We need your help in getting the word out. We need your prayers. Go tell it on a mountain so that the word spreads far and wide. Go tell it on a mountain so that the WORD spreads far and wide!! Oh Lord Jesus - thank you. How will You make all this come together and stay together???????????? I trust you!!!


Nicki said...

Rejoicing for you this morning!! This warmed my soul to see God truly speaking to you in a big ol way!!! I'm so glad that you and Ginger are making awesome decisions!! =) And how cool was that about Clay??? WOW!!

Leigh Gray said...

hey are you back to good ole' Charlotte??? What was Arizona weather like?? I am sure you have talked about all this on your blog, but i have not checked it this morning.

Nicki - I can not tell you how excited for this new way God has called us to ministry. I was not this excited when He gave me the specifics of how we owuld work as a ministry. THis opens up a hwole new world!!

tell you more soon!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! YES! I love confirmation from our Lord! I cannot wait to see the fruit of this obedience!
I told were going to get some snow!! and I am sooo jealous,(don't worry, I've confessed it and moved on!)
love you my friend!
Teresa Cocke
Braden, TN

Leigh Gray said...

Teresa - thank you thank you thank you for your prayers. thank you for always praying right there on the phone while driving down the highway!! you be careful - but thank you!!!

Can't wait to see what God does. He might even bring me back to Braden, Tn.!!!

Love you!

Lindsee said...

"And without faith it is impossible to please God!" You are so pleasing to your God right now, Mrs. Leigh! You are trusting Him! (Not that you didn't before, but yiou know what I mean!) I love it. (I have been learnig so much about this!) And am so excited for your ministry!!

Can't wait to see what He has in store for your adventure!


Fran said...

HALlELUJAH! I am so thrilled for you. To walk in complete obedience to what God has called yout to do....He'll honor you and your work.

Let me know if you ever come to Jackson....I'll come be your woman to pray with you, introduce you, be with you. I know your heart....even if I don't know "you."

Hugs and blessings~

Leigh Gray said...

Lindsee - if He will take me on this adventure - He will certainly take a sweet, innocent, pure heart like yours!! Keep your ears and heart open for His movements!!

thank you for your prayers!! you are such an encouragement to me!! I wish you knew how much!!

love, Leigh

Leigh Gray said...

Fran, thank you for the vote of confidence and encouragement!! I really am so free and excited i can hardly sit still. I can not wait for our wesbite to be released so that we can properly and professionally let others know about this service to the church and ministry unto the Lord and His ladies!! I will keep you posted!! love, Leigh

Heather said...

Wow! That is amazing! look forward to hearing how God provides!

Leigh said...

Go tell it on a Mountain! Let him lead the way!

And snow! I am so jealous!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Leigh,
I'm just reading this nodding my head and saying, Mmmhmmm! He has never proven unworthy of our trust, has He???
You go girl! And I'll work on that app. *grin*

Marybeth said...

Hi Leigh-- I wanted to let you know that I *think* that the reference to go tell it on the mountain is referring to Isaiah 52:7, "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news..."

Glad your ministry is growing and changing. I have learned God doesn't leave any of us where we are!

Leigh Gray said...

Marybeth - that is right - i had forgotten abotu that precious scripture - thank you!!!

I hope you are doing well. All the Chrsitmas pictures on your blog are just adorable!!

Great to hear from you!!

Talk soon!!