Monday, January 07, 2008

509 - Leaping Lizards!

Heavenly Father - there is an immediate prayer request that needs to be address. Please read in red. Our missionary friend from Africa, Titus, is in desperate need of prayer. There was a political election held on December 27 in which the reigning president fraudulently reinstated himself causing an uprising among the tribes. They are trying to get a recount but the president is resisting. Titus and other Christians in Kenya are trying to give shelter to people of the tribes that are being targeted regardless of their spiritual background and are being persecuted as well. Titus and his family are in hiding somewhere and sent Jeff an e-mail begging his friends in the U.S. to pray for the situation. Some of Titus' fellow ministry friend's houses have been burned. We do not know when we will next hear from him but just are asking people to pray for his family's safety and that the Lord's people will remain strong so that they can continue with their ministries. Thank you for taking a moment to lift up those that are truly fighting the fight for us all!! Oh Jesus - protect, preserve, and proclaim your works, word, and wonders!!

Lord Jesus, there is a new Leigh - I mean I am jumping out of my skin. It is Jan. 7 - or something like that - and it has already been a great year. I got a 5 book contract with Lifeway!!!!!!!!!!!! No, better - Beth Moore has ask me to join her in ministry and on the platform!!!!!!!!!!! No again. I just won the lottery! No - I don't play that. I have been asked to be the new Spiritual Advisor to the Stars - ha ha! No, not that either. It is 10 times better than all of that!!! God, my Lord Jesus, Savior of all, My Redeemer has granted to me a complete reconciliation and restoration of an old friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friendships mean so much to me and when one goes hairy for whatever reason - even miles that slow it down - I get so crushed. It may not appear that way because I am a "lot of friends" kind of gal, but I just hate when it happens!!! Oh it hurts, makes me sick, haunts my thoughts, steals my joy and births such unrighteous behavior and thinking - it rules me!! It even makes me eat. (But what doesn't it.)

But this past Friday I received a sweet, honest email from an old friend - she is not old, but our friendship is - it brought on loads of conversation and precious forgiveness. Satan is hating it right now because my heart is so free, my thoughts are so clean, my feet are leaping.....lizards, and my joy is returning - some that i didn't even know had been diminished! Oh Father - You are so great!!! here is the best statement and something that is so wonderfully true said by my friend...........“But I am learning to be vulnerable with people. It's a part of my growth. I want to jump and take risks and leaps even when I am afraid to do so. There is no risk in trusting that God will take care of my heart in the process.”

That is so true. What risk is it to just live our lives hoping that God will just heal things in His time. No work on our part and no vulnerability to the others around. I will just stay closed up and pray I never have to deal. What kind of honor is that to my Lord? That was me. I just thought this would be a forever strained relationship and that even possibly that God wanted it that way. It certainly did keep me humble after all. Just my thorn in my flesh possibly. But God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There it is again!!!

He is in the reconciliation business!! If He weren't He would not have sent His son to die for us all, paying the price we could never pay, allowing for us to be reconcile with Almighty God!! Oh how wonderful. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to live out in human form what you have done in the spiritual realm!! Oh Jesus I am just completely humbled by your Grace!!!!!!! There is that word again as well!

I read out loud - actually did some yelling and shoutin' this morning - Ps. 107 Oh my word. It is like my whole relationship with this friend. Lord - how wonderful and awesome You are. I feel like this year can end!!! It has been so wonderful and I thank you! Verse 43 - consider the great love of the Lord. We can go on to 2009 because i just can not fathom that it could get any better!! Praise you Lord!!! Thank you for your forgiveness and clean up of my heart!! Oh Lord -leaping lizards this feels so good!! Amen and amen!!

ok - few things............... go check out This is my ministry partner and she just started blogging. please go by and say hello and tell her i sent you. no, there is no blessing, no prize, no random counter that might pick your name at midnight or anything like that. (I am just being silly.) But i just want you all to encourage her to keep going. She is one talented chick!!

We have updated our website a bit more... let me know what you think. opinions, suggestions, complaints (just be careful, we are bit tender on this project. it has about made us want to crawl in a hole. But God has given us Dori with wisdom and help!!!)

Going to sell old fixtures today. Aerobics starts as well. Oh Lord - thank you!!!!


Dori said...

Oh Leigh,

This post made me so excited! I love what God did for you and your old friend. You are exactly right -- He is all about reconciliation! It's the whole reason that God sent His sweet baby boy to us in the first place -- to reconcile us to Him!

Don't you know that He is jumping up and down, too? Can't you just imagine how satan is hating this? Oh my word, we may look at it as relationship work here on earth, but major Kingdom work and celebration is going on in the heavenlies right now!!!

Love you,

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...


Lisa :)

Nicki said...

I'm so glad that the Lord has restored a frienship in your life!! Doesn't it feel so good???!!!

Mariel said...

You are so funny! I love your blog..the yellow is so seems to fit your blog-personality!! Thanks for a bit of sunshine! :)
I have seen you on beth moore's blog and linked here from Leah's blog (the point) I will be back soon...for a SONny moment!!
Blessings, Mariel

Leigh Gray said...

Lisa - RC Cola. have you forgotten everything from the midwest?????

see ya

Leigh Gray said...

Mariel - thanks for the kind words!! I am just plain crazy girl, just crazy. That is why i require so much grace!!

Thanks again and feel free to stop by any time!!

LOVE, leigh

Lindsee said...

Oh, Mrs. Leigh!

Nothing is greatrer than a friendship restored! Praise Him! It reminds me of the Message version of the verse that says "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." (I have forgotten the reference...I know it's out of Proverbs!) It DOES refresh our weary soul!

And, I am so exctied about the plate! Just email me at and we will work it all out!! :)

Much love your way,


Angie said...

I ran my bath water an hour ago...I got so hung up here! I am excited with you on what the Lord is doing!!!
(And even though I am from the South...I know about RC Cola's!)
Bless you!

CrownLaidDown said...

Amen! I have chills for God's Hand at work over your lives! Thank you, Jesus!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh Leigh!!!

Praise our Lord! This restoration testimony is so powerful. We are dealing with something similar in within our extended family. I'm praying for the two parties to experience this and I believe God is fixing to do something big here. You have so encouraged me. THANK YOU!!!!


Mel's World with Melissa Mashburn said...


I am OH so excited to see that God has redeemed an "old" friendship. I saw your comments over at Holly (CrownLaidDown) and just had to pop over and visit with someone who is so infectiously positive!

I love it!

Then...when I get here I see that you are a spirit filled, full on, Jumpin for Joy Jesus Chick and I love it!

I will most certainly be back...thanks for the tips, the ideas, and more importantly for sharing Christ in such a positive and uplifting way each and every day!

Blessings my sister,
Melissa in Mel's World

Leigh Gray said...

Hey Mel - thanks for the encouragement!!! Wow - you are woman!! Thank you thank you. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Leigh said...

That is wonderful about the friendship. I am so happy for you. Things never seem right when friends quarrel.
God is so good.
I love you blog!