Thursday, January 17, 2008

519 - Stuff with prayer

Today I go to the doctor for another ultrasound and appointment. I am excited to see if things have gotten better with that cyst because I don't "feel" it much anymore. I want to get my thyroid levels retested as well - that is one area I think there is no difference.

I still have not heard about the True Love Waits deal. I don't think that is a good sign.

We got a tiny tad of snow. Yeah, it is pretty!

I speak in Nashville on this coming Wednesday and then go to Wisconsin on that weekend. I need to tidy up my messages. These are great opportunities!!

Ginger and I have about 7 or 8 ladies actively applying for the speaker team and maybe 5 or so to inquire and praying about it. The website is coming along just as fast as we know how to do things. Ginger has been so patient with the guy doing it. Ginger met with a marketing agent to give us idea of getting the word out. Ginger and I would love the opportunity to speak to more churches - bring those please, Lord. Thank you!

Kids are doing well except Emmajoy's allergies are pretty flared up. She is pretty miserable.

The second floor on the house is being sanded right now!!! Touch ups on third floor are being finished and painting on the first floor should begin asap! Yeah baby!!! I think we are one month out!!! If we got in before the beginning of March then it would make sense to switch the kids in school, but much after that would be tough! Got the girls bunk bed - can't wait to put it together!

I think I have failed to update on this at all.........Aerobics at the church is the bomb!! We have around 37 ladies registered with anywhere from 20 to 30 on any given night. That is quite a difference in 20 and 30, but with every one's schedule that is just the way it is. We are praising God for this unbelievable opportunity to minister to the community this way. Grow us more, Lord. We have room!! The energy is awesome and the ladies are just so wonderfully thankful and friendly. I am excited to get to know them!

My Training Little Ladies - a class for anyone with any age girl about raising them up! I am hoping You will bring me a good number to love on and minister to! It will be on Sunday evenings at 6pm for 5 weeks. Intro class is next Sunday.

Kids have their first basketball games this Saturday. We are up to 3 kids playing sports - 3 different games at 2 different times since EJ and SJ are on the same team!! Blessing!

Thank you for any prayers. I appreciate you all!! Love, Leigh


Greg said...


Greg Barker here in Mckenzie, TN (West TN). We confirmed the date of our True Love Waits Banquet and I have emailed Amy all the info. Just wanted to let you know we are looking forward to working with you and Amy and most of all seeing God and His sovereignty at work! Look forward to meeting you.

Greg Barker
We lead by first following!
Like 9:23

jen said...

Praying for it all. The aerobics sounds like so much fun!

CrownLaidDown said...

Praying!! I forwarded your question to our WM director. Trusting in His perfect purpose and plan for you...and hoping that it will work out wonderfully!

Valarie said...

Hey chickie! Sorry I haven't popped over soon. Prayin' for good news from the Dr. Keep me posted.

Leaving for WV in the morning but I'll try to pop on when I can. Love ya.

Kim said...

WHEW! I got tired for you just thinking about your schedule while reading your post today. I will be praying for your safety as you travel to speak. :)

Enjoy it!