Monday, April 07, 2008

565 - He Did It Again!!!!!!!

Dear Jesus - what an incredible weekend and time with you as well. You ministered to me just as much if not even more than I was able to minister to ladies through Your words!! Lord, praise you!! This was the second time I was with Parkway Baptist from Goodlettsville and it was packed. Tons of ladies all fired up ready to hear from the Lord and begging His Spirit to invade our time, our hearts, and our lives!! I mean awesome - you should have been there!! I would love to go again next year - not so much as speaker, but participant. These ladies rock!

I spoke on the series based on Micah 6:8. It is not a feel good, have fun, lovin' dovin' kind of series. But it is so incredibly interesting on what that scripture truly means. It is convicting and I have never had anyone leave that series saying - I am still not sure what God wants to do with my life - They Know!!! I love it because it is all Him. It is a difficult series to get through just because it is a lot of teaching. I am so much more of a speaker than teacher and teacher things are more difficult for me! But You raised me up to go get through it and to proclaim it powerfully through Your Spirit with grace and mercy. Oh Jesus thank you. Some day will You allow me the opportunity to do it again - praise you Lord!

"Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling." Ps. 2:11

This is one of those verses that it almost seems like it got transposed - or you know what I really mean - I could make better sense of it if it was a bit different - Serve the Lord rejoicing, and tremble with fear. But as stated above it does say and mean we are to serve with fear and rejoice trembling - not so much a trembling or shaking joy, but a joy that you know the One you are serving has the power to bring you "home" any time He sees fit!

Serving the Lord with fear is kind of like a learned behavior. Because we grow up being taught God is a good God, friendly God, and a lovely God, we have to learn to fear Him and to tremble in His presence! *********side note******** There is a retreat my dear friend Bonita and Sheila from Charlotte have put together that is incredible. I have never, never, never been to anything even remotely close - even a retreat or conference - nothing compares. I am asking them to get a date together for some girls from this area to come and go with me to this retreat. It will be held this fall. Please begin to pray about it now. It will be during the week - you will have to take off work, but it is soooooo worth it and you will be forever changed. This is one of the few times that I have actually trembled before the Lord. Is that His fault - no way - totally mine!! But something about this retreat takes you to place with the Lord like no other! So - that was a side note and one that I hope many of you can come with me. It is for you!!!!!!*************

I think if I would have known so much fear - good fear - was part of serving Him when He called me into ministry I would have been scared away. That fear is manifested through responsibility. We are held to a higher standard and do have greater expectations. No, not perfect, but are expected to rise above and be above - consistently - just the normal humdrum - whatever that may be. When I get up to speak many times, if not every time, I get a good case of "yucky" stomach and we will just leave it at that. I am fearful of bringing the wrong message, I am fearful that I have not studied enough, I am fearful there is too much pride in the way to deliver effectively, I am fearful that I could not be the one that is suppose to be there speaking to that particular group, I am fearful of letting too many of my words come out and not what He has planned. I am fearful, but not paralysed - Big difference.

Ministry is scary, but I would not stop unless He told me to. Why - because He is so safe. Even though I get sacred out of my wits I do know and have experienced how wonderfully safe He is. I just read a devotion from John Piper and he made the comment about people going to see scary movies for various reasons. But one of those reasons they go and go back was because even though it is scary they know they are safe - the monster or whatever will not get them. I thought that was a great analogy. Like i just said ministry is scary, but He is safe. Even when I do terribly mess up - hopefully with a pure heart - He is not going to consume me especially with a pure heart!! Praise you Lord! Lord you are too big and great and awesome to not make good of my mistakes and mishaps that are with a pure heart and good intentions!! I know that for certain!

As i have learned to fear and be in awe and have reverence for the Lord I understand how I can rejoice with trembling. It is all about understanding and accepting that we are standing on Holy Ground and we know that angels are all around. Lord, your presence is with us at all times - no matter what we take Him in and out of. You are with us. I rejoice at the same time with trembling because of Your jealousy as Piper reminded me. Oprah - Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and your heart if you so ask Him to be - is a jealous God. He is not jealous of you - there is nothing in any of us that He would be jealous of - we are not all that!!! He is jealous for you - even you Oprah. He is jealous of what we might put before Him. He wants nothing to stand in His way to our heart. He wants nothing to take the place of the peace, grace, and mercy and all the other things that He wants to fill us with. He wants to bless your socks off - even way further than He already has - but wants nothing to stand in the way of His reaching your heart - the things we hold on to and allow to take up space in our heart. Oh Oprah - serve Him with fear - tremble while rejoicing. He is oh so powerful and oh so wonderful and yes jealous - for you not of you or me!!! Turn to Him - just as I have done and will never turn back!!

Lord - thank you!!! I love you - please give Speaking Thru Me more opportunities to serve you with fear and rejoice in trembling. We want to honor You!! Amen!!

Today I am speaking to a group in my church called 55 and Alive. Not 55 "Or" Alive, but "and" alive. hee hee Then this weekend I go to a church - weekend retreat - last one for a while - in Evansville, In. Thank you Lord - I am excited to see what you will do!! Amen!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweet Leigh, for reminding me that my God is safe and this fear I feel is needed this today...
love you!
Braden, TN
ps: please pray for me Sat night I will be speaking to a new MOPS group here in Fayette County.

Nicki said...

So excited for you!! I hope things went well for you today!!

Donna G was telling me how you were trying to work something out with them for the prayer retreat!! I hope it works out!

Leah said...


I would LOVE to do the Charlotte thing but I need to know a date soon so I can book it into my calendar.


Irritable Mother said...

Leigh, I really needed to hear that thing about being fearful - but not paralyzed. Thank you!!!

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Oh, girlfriend! So glad you prayed for Oprah and addressed the "jealous God" thing. I saw that same youtube video. God has placed a heaviness on my heart for her and to be praying for her. Oh, what she could do for Jesus and His Kingdom, instead of the enemy's!!!!

I don't know if you are getting my emails. I have had several come back as spam. I am going to resend, just to make sure.

Love you!!!!!