Thursday, May 08, 2008

586 - Immediate Prayer Please!!!!!!!!

I just received this email from a friend serving in Beruit! Please be in pray for them all - this is real!!! I truly have no idea what standing for my faith is like!!! My friend is learning more and more everyday!!! Here is her email...

hey friends,

hope you are all well. I am sure some of you have seen on the news all that is going on is Lebanon right now, some of you have asked me about it. I wanted to write a little update on everything so you would all be in the loop and so you can be really prying if you are not already.

yesterday, there was a "strike" in Beirut supposedly about labor wages and Hezbollah closed the road to the airport and many other main roads with burning tires and cars and mounds of dirt otherwise known as 'earth mounds',so the airport has been closed since early yesterday. today things continued and the road to Damascus, Syria was closed along with more roads. This afternoon, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader or Hezbollah gave a speech and said other reasons for everything (you guys can read about the details in the news) but basically he said that some things about war, etc. Soon after his speech fighting started on our side of town and it has continued for the past 5 or so hours.

we made it to our team leader's house which is about a 3 min drive away about 2 hours ago. we have heard gun fire, grenades and other rockets. they are not on the same street as us but close enough to shake us up. we will try to get out of this side of town and go to a seminary in the mountains in the morning if the fighting has settled enough for us to move.

I have been wrestling with what I should or should not tell you guys b/c I don't want you to worry but at the same time I want you to know the real situation, so you con be praying specifically. Please pray not only for our safety but for the safely of most of the Lebanese who want anything but another civil war. and of course pray for peace.

hope you all know how much I love you. thanks you for everything you are tome. communication might go down at some point but I will be in touch as I can.

With all my HOPE in HIM,.............

ps, right now the story is headline cnn news but if you want to read about more details you can go to it is more local and prob more accurate.


Anonymous said...

Praying for your friend Leigh. Know that God's hand is mightier than any man's. He is our refuge and fortress, praise God!

Anonymous said...

I just hit submit without finishing my comment--no idea how that happened but I was saying that God is our refuge and fortress in the storm. Psalm 61 tells us that He will provide refuge in the shelter of His wings. I pray for His wings to encompass your friend and all those who are suffering during this storm in Lebanon. Stay strong and know that your prayers are making a difference! God bless :)

Valarie said...

Father God you know the number of the hairs on your child's head so Lord I ask that not one of them be harmed. You protect her Lord and and others in the area in harms way. May there be swift resolution to the problems there and as many lives spared as possible. Above all may people in the area come to know You and your saving power, as well as people at home reading the story. Thank you Lord for your hand on the United States. As bad as it gets here, there aren't any rockets blaring around my home and I praise you for protecting us from that...for now at least! You are good Lord. Move in a mighty way to spare your children! In the name of Jesus I ask you to be swift in answering.

Love ya girl.

Fran said...

Praying Leigh. Thank you for letting us know.


Nicki said...

I will pray for your!