Wednesday, May 07, 2008

586 - Much Needed Rest

Oh Lord, thank you so much for a great evening last night. I spoke at a local church here in town and had a blast. I was able to move around - lapel mic - I was not stuffed with the food - it was good though. And the ladies were very alert and participatory - it that a word? hee hee

What an awesome church. I had spoke a brief point about not letting Satan win battles because of the fact we forget who we are fighting... it is not flesh and blood, but the defeated one! I am guessing this church has been through a rough time or even a split as many ladies afterwards were so thrilled to hear that exposed with Scripture to back it. Wow, they were so passionate. It really is a neat church! Lord Jesus, please bless them. They have at on of neat things going on! Get this - they prepare a meal for the youth every Wednesday before the youth service. Now that is cool. They have Bible studies throughout the summer. Morning and evening! I was just really impressed all the church had going on even in the midst of really hard times they have been through not too long in the past. God is still moving there! Protect them Jesus.

Last night was my last time to speak for the summer - unless I get a call. I am excited for the summer break and to really concentrate on Speaking Thru Me things. I was able to pass off another event to one of our speakers this week. Lisa Price will be speaking in Salem as I was busy and have my whole family coming to town!! I am excited to see everyone! I am so thankful to be passing event to other speakers... Maybe that is my role right now... passing off!

Thank you Lord - thank you for your completeness!! Oh Lord, thank you for passion, thank you for security, thank you for serenity, thank you for victory... Not that I am counting, but i leave in 6 days for the cruise...

I love you Jesus. I want more of you. I want to follow you. I want to know you. I want to hear you. I want my fire to grow. I want to know where you want me and how you want me to do whatever that is. I want to be used. I want to serve. I want a pure heart. I want clean hands. I want to have more opportunities to share. Oh Lord, thank you for hearing my prayer. I love you!

Going to Evansville today to have my Orthodics made - that sounds so old..........

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Dori said...

Oh -- enjoy your rest!! I know it has been a LOOOOONG Spring! Enjoy the kids this summer.

I have been taking many, many breaks from blogs and I don't always comment, but I always thank God for you and I pray for you.

I'll give you a buzz soon!

Love ya,