Monday, June 09, 2008

596 - Shine like stars

Lord, thank you for such a great weekend. Friday night the girls came over and spent the night from the youth group and we had a blast. They were so mature and just a ton of fun. Holly led the devotion that evening and it was incredible. She talked about spiritually growing. She asked questions and did such a tremendous job!! It is so neat to see in real life the strong commitment she has to those girls and the love!!! What a privilege to be with those girls and to see Holly in action!!! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday we had 2 baseball games and it was hot as snot!!! No joke!! 96 i think my car and the bank read. Tucker's team won the second game and it was a team they had not beat in at least 2 years. He had a great fielding day! Saturday I was tired I went straight to bed, but it was still very late.

Sunday was an awesome day or worship and learning!! After church we headed over to Mackie's pizza - that was closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - so then we decided to go across to the street to Morello's. Closed too!!!!! What is up with these restaurants having any kind of morals and being closed on Sunday - just joking!!! But i was so looking forward to it! So we settled for Sonic and then went to Prince Caspian!! Wow oh wow - it was awesome!!!!!!! So so so so so much symbolism - one of my favorite things to look for in a movie - and just so rich in scripture reference!!! I loved it! My favorite part was when Lucy and Aslan stood across the bridge with the enemy coming at them. They stood together strong and courageous. (Eph. 6) Then for the fight she drew her little sword or knife really. Again Eph. 6 - Sword of the Spirit! But all it took was the roar of the master to scare away the enemy and by His might and power destroyed them all. He never had to lift a finger just speak and it was done!!! Oh goodness I could go on and on about other scenes as well!! I don't know why they felt the need to put the kiss in there other than it might have to do with the next movies - i have never read the books. My girls were excited!

Yesterday in Sunday school we had such a wonderful discussion. Clay taught and did such an incredible job. Lord, you had laid that message on his heart from earlier in that week and really brought it full circle for Him to teach!! It was really well put together!! Luke 2:15 "in which you shine like stars in the universe" made a huge impact to me. I was thinking back to my junior high years and learning about stars. I was thinking and could be totally wrong that a star was just a really, really old reflection of the sun - it was in the process of dieing or something like that. But the main point is that it is a reflection of something much bigger. It really had nothing to do with its own self... it was all about the reflection!! Like the sun is a huge star. (If you know, please tell me!) Anyway...

We went on to talk about those that we exalt in this world, those that we esteem as important, those that we think are the cat's meow! Yes, it is the celebrities and sports heroes, but it is even those in the ministry. Then out of nowhere someone said a comment about how his non-christian co-workers and friends view the ministry. He was saying that they see it as someone that is writing a bunch of books and making a bunch of money. He went on to talk about the person that has written one good book and they turn it into applying somehow to the youth, seniors, the mom, those with cancer, a mug, a plate, a t-shirt, etc............ hitting every marketable area possible. It really, really got me thinking and praying. Should it be Lord?? Is that what I want to be about? Is that what I want to be around or associated with? Even if one comes to know you through that extra book that was made for those with blonde hair - is it worth it? Then I come back to that scripture... "shine like stars"

Could I - not anyone else - but could I truly reflect the Lord with that kind of ministry? Do I really have something to offer so much that there needs to be another book written out there? This is so ironic that I am even questioning this whole issue because I am just about to send in my completed book to the publisher to "get done". I could see it as my last.

There are a few things I know in life - God has called me to speak. Yes, I would love to have bigger venues, etc., but I am not willing to do what it takes to get there. I am not sure I could shine like a star that reflects Him with all that. Whatever God wants for me I am going to stick with what He has called me to and gifted me in - Speaking! He will be my promoter and my agent. One of my heroes of the faith is Kay Arthur. While she does have a thousand books published she sticks to what she knows best - teaching scripture. exposing the Truth, outlining precepts of the reflects Him!!!

I have always known it, but living in Carmi I have seen it more explicit than I have ever in my life - church is for the pretty people. Church is for those that have it together on the outside. Church is for those that have a bit money. Church is for those that do it right.... Carmi is very haves and have nots. It is so obvious in church - as it was in Charlotte as well. I guess what God has placed on my heart is that I was not made to do things the way everyone asks things to be done as far as ministry is concerned. I want to be available to those "have not" churches. I want to be available to those "have not" people that need something. I want to do things in a different kind of way - even a way that makes me uncomfortable. I want to reflect Him and the only way I see that being done is when He is in the forefront. Ministry is a business these days and I know for myself I can not be part of that!!

Thank you Father for this furthering of my ministry goals and perceptions - showing me the way in which you want me to go. I thank you for giving me a heart to do things a bit different. Thank you for convicting my heart and giving me the confidence to walk it out. Oh Lord, I do get fearful at times - thank you for picking me up and showing me the way. I know nothing could be done without your power, blood, grace, and mercy. I know that it is all about you and the reflection of you!!! I want to exalt you Lord. I want to bring all people to You and see them focused on you!!! I want to make your name famous and your renown know to all!! I want to shout for you!! I don't want to have ministry - I want to do ministry - what you have called me to do!!! In my territory and in my gifting!! This is about you Savior!!! not me!!! I love you Lord!!


Stephanie D. said...

Oh Leigh, you have always had so much to offer others even if you don't think so. And you are so right, he will lead you in what he wants. So if he wants you to put out a book, well lets just say I am already in line to buy it. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I am very much into shining like starz also. But just to let you know, the "Shine like starz" verse iz actually Phillipianz 2:15, not Luke 2:15