Tuesday, June 10, 2008

597 - Who Needs to Hear?

Oh Lord, I went to Naria, Prince Caspian, on Sunday and I just can not get over the power of that movie and how I was so moved!! There were many scenes in that movie that I could have replaced myself as a character. And for some reason today I feel like someone needs to know or someone needs to hear He has not forgotten you the the Narians felt for hundreds of years!!

The young kids of Naria are almost grown up when the movie starts. They have been waiting to go back to the Land, but have not been called. Lucy, especially sensitive to Aslan (the Lord), immediately seeks Him when returning to the Land. She believes He is there even when the Land has not sought Him in hundreds of years. In fact the Narians blame Aslan for leaving them and not coming to their rescue. The Land of Narian even seems like a ghost town or much more of a myth. No one believes any longer and have left all they once knew with faith.

Have you ever been there? Have you ever been the one that is looking for the rescue of the Lord and have yet to see Him come through for you or so it seemed? I have! I remember praying as hard as I could that my baby would not miscarry. I just knew the Lord would come through and allow us to move to Nashville. I just knew we would find my aunt's son's family in a different area safe and sound instead of all four killed by a horrific tornado. I just knew the Lord would heal my friend's 4 month old daughter of Leukemia. I just knew the Lord would do this and that not just in my life, but also in this world. He came through, but not always like i was expecting.

It may come at the last minute or His rescue may come in a very different style or plan than you were expecting, but He will come! He will rescue. He will save. He will provide. His will listen. He will encourage. He will defend. He will protect. He will be everything and more than you need Him to be. He did it in Naria, He did it long ago, and He will do it today if you look for Him. We have to seek Him. We have to yearn after Him. We have to be willing to accept and praise Him for however He works! He is there - can you see Him?

Ps. 10:17-18 "You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them and you listen to their cry. defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more."

Who needed to hear that today? Love to all!!


Cynthia said...

Preach it Sista!
Prince Caspian (as well as the entire series) had so many symbolizism, I recall more each time I think of it. You have spelled it out plain and simple...God is there. Even when we are not sure or don't feel Him, He is faithful and there!
Keep declaring Him and His Word!


Fran said...

What an awesome Word today Leigh!!
THank you so very much.

Hope you have a great day. Enjoy the joys of family and life. :)


Tisha said...

Hey girl! Glad your back! I missed you, pics are gorgeous!! Good post today, I am wondering, did the movie scare any of your kids. Chloe wanted to see it but Plugged In said it wasn't a "kid" movie with all the war scenes, so we weren't sure if we should take Chloe. Grace got too scared watching Lion, Witch... at home, so we knew she was a no go for Prince Caspian, just wondeirng what your thoughts were!

Miss Ya!!!

Valarie said...

Girl. You know I've been there! Thank you for the reminder!
Love to ya.

Sarah Martin said...

Thanks for your insite on the movie. I loved it too but I am not as good at figuring out symbolism on my own. My brain was also preoccuppied with my big huge belly and how uncomfortably pregnant I was! I love your reference to Eph6 in the last post. I would have never picked up on that. YOu have blessed me...

Also, I neeeded to tell you that your music on the blog has blessed me too. I usually mute it because I can't concentrate on reading. But, last week, I had my one week old baby in the bouncy chair as I was reading your blog and the Watermark Amazing Grace song came on and it just brought me into some true worship of the Lord.

ps, Baby was born May 31-pic is on my blog!!