Friday, June 13, 2008

598 - Approval and Thinking

Dear Lord, reason to pause a few days and think. I thank you for this slowing down time to ponder and reason and think. You are speaking, you are confirming, and you are testing. I thank you!! I see a change, I see a real heart emerging, I see fruit coming forth. Hard oh so hard! Love what you are doing! I seek You Lord. I need wisdom. STMM needs wisdom!

Francis Frangipane wrote

"To inoculate from the praise of man,

He baptized me in the criticism of man,

until I died to the control of man."

Luke 6:1-11 - Even though the Pharisees were expecting it, they did not want Jesus "working" on the Sabbath - healing the withered hand. Jesus did the unthinkable because He had greater plans and purpose. It was not about the here and now. It is not about the immediate and it was not about Him. Always serving the Father!! Always thinking about others. Always wanting to show the glory of God. Always lifting up the Lord. Always bringing others back to God. Never about seeking the praise of man or approval or acceptance or anything to do with man. He was teaching us to serve even in the strangest ways, even in ways that don't agree with others, even if it did not serve Him well, even if it was for the future!!! It is not about me!!! Oh how I see so clearly!!

Thank you Father for the Words!! Thank you for this gift!! Thank you for this pondering time!

Be with my Sarahjane - sick little hip. Back to the orthopedic today. More baseball. Emmajoy did so well in the swim meet. I think she won the backstroke. She loved it and I am so thankful!!


Valarie said...

Hey girl. "To EVERYTHING there is a season", and it sounds like pondering season for you. Not much fun, but it will be for your benefit.

Let me know how things go with my sweet girl!
Love ya.

Lisa said...

Love that quote so much! Thanks for the reminder to not desire the praise of man. So easy to fall into. Such a wrong goal. But God takes care of it, one way or the other, doesn't He? I can testify. :)


Nicki said...

Praying for wisdom for you with your ministry. I know and see God doing so much in your life lately!!! Can't wait to see what else is in store! Hope things go well with Sarahjane, lifting her up too.