Monday, June 16, 2008

599 - Strange Love

I have never ever been a cat person. I am highly allergic and just don't understand them. I don't understand them not coming to me when I call their name. I don't understand them not wanting to lick me. What about this laying around all day and moving at a snail's pace when you are trying to get them to scoot over? They are so stuck up!! So I thought...

Since moving to Illinois we have acquired 2 cats - outside cats that is. Boots and Maya - both boys that we got as babies! As little fur balls I really could see how you could think they were cute and fun to watch. They play well together and do have some amazing stunts. Besides Maya, Boots' best friend is our INSIDE dog, Lu Lu. They do so well laying together and Lu Lu actually gives Boots his baths. It is a sight to see.

I can just get up, walk to the other room and when I return my dog will lower its ears, wag its nub of a tail, and in some way kind of smile at me. I know Lu Lu loves me more than anyone or anything. (She told me, too.) Her love is so obvious and easy to distinguish! I never question her intentions and there is no second guessing what she wants from me. The way Lu Lu shows her love is something I can relate to and understand. I think I could speak Dog!

So last night as we were getting home from a ball game there was a injured, but not dead by any means rabbit on my back steps. The poor little thing was just flopping and spinning on its side trying its best to get up and go! Just in the short distance was Maya meowing and watching the poor little "Thumper" to the very end. Maya would come over and bat at it and then attack one more time. I was so upset with that cat - how could he be proud of himself? My goodness, that rabbit did nothing to deserve such death.

Clay sent me inside with the kids while he "took" care of the situation. I am not sure what he did, but it involved a shovel and a loud thump. Poor Thumper! Then he came in to explain to me and the girls that this is how cats show their love to their owner. (Whatever!!) It was like a thank you prize for all we as humans do for the cats. They kill and come and lay it at the doorstep as to say, "I love you so much that I would kill for you, AND I have and here is the prize."

Don't we do they same thing to people. We don't understand the way one is trying to express love to us and we get all upset and disappointed. In the book "5 Love Languages" Gary Chapman explains that there are 5 languages we can speak to show our love for another. We might give gifts, show physical touch, do acts of service, speak words of affirmation, or even spend quality time with the individual. The problems is that the way we "speak" love may not be the same way the other person receives or "speaks" love. So we have a husband trying to give gifts big and small to his grumpy, frustrated wife when all she really would like is for him to pick up his clothes or mow the yard regularly. He is trying to show her love his way because he loves a new shirt or surprise coffee in the morning, but she does not speak that love. She just wants him to do something - acts of service - that would speak enough love to last her a week!

It has taken some time for me to understand, appreciated, and accept this form of love the cats are showing our family. This rabbit has not been the first - birds, mice, shrew - or littler mice - and all kinds of stuff. Learning to speak your loved one's love language is not easy or will not come natural. It will take some work and much practice. It will seem like a waste of time or money or even energy at times. But the dividends are priceless!

As much as I would like to I just don't appreciate and certainly take for granted the way Christ showed His love for me and you on the Cross. It just seems like there could have been a better way. It seems like there could have been an easier way. It seems like He didn't have to die....... but He did and He had to! It was the only way - HE is the only way! Thank you Lord!

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Here is one of my favorite singers of all time. Meredith Andrews. I just got her newest CD in the mail. She is incredible. Order it today - you will not regret it!! You Are Not Alone!


Nicki said...

That book REALLY changed Kris and I's marriage. We were running in two different directions "thinking" we were both trying to meet eachother's love languages but we didn't know what they were until I read that book!!! It's a great thing now! love ya!

Irritable Mother said...

I have never heard of Meredith Andrews before - and I loved that song. Thanks for turning me on to her!