Wednesday, June 18, 2008

600 - Just Praise Him!

Dear Lord, I need the prayers of friends, neighbors, relatives, strangers, and ... anyone!! The last week of school my Sarahjane - #3 child - told me her underwear were too tight around her groin area of her leg. I excitedly told her, "Yeah, you are growin' in the groin and go get on another pair." She did and that was the end of it. Fast forward to about 1.5 weeks later.

"Mom, my leg hurts really bad right here."

"Sweetie, it seems strange to me too, but you are growing in every place of your body. Just go to bed and I am sure you will be fine in the morning."

She woke up fine and life went on.

This past Monday she woke up limping and hobbling around. Same spot on her right leg, but only hurt for a short time. Tuesday night the limping was pitiful and she was in excruciating pain. Up all night calling and crying out in pain unable to get any real relief. The sun woke up and I rushed her over to Evansville to see the ped.

Concerned as well they sent us straight over to the orthopedic doctor. We took x-rays to look for a septic bone. It was not conclusive and everything looked wonderful - they were calling it a viral infection in her hip - the blood work would tell the truth. They sent us home with round the clock Ibuprofen and little to no movement. Went back to see the doctor on Thursday to get an update. She was almost embarrassingly better - like I had to convince the doctor - this one she had not see yet - that she was not walking the day before and was really bad. He too sent us home with Ibuprofen and little movement.

SO this weekend went by and we did the meds and movement was hard to restrict with it being so beautiful and her feeling quite good. Yesterday morning she begins to hurt again, but not near as bad. We had to another appointment with the ortho anyway so we went. This time he was very concerned saying that she should have been all cleared up and no limping at all. And not complaining of any pain. She is not!!!

Thursday we go in for an MRI and will have another appointment on Friday. Please, please be praying about the MRI. I have no idea how she is going to do. It is so hard to explain to her what it will be like. I have only done it once and it was just for my head - I didn't have to go very far in there. They will be looking for Legg-Perthes Disease. I think that is how you spell it. I did not understand a whole lot other than looking to see if there is not adequate blood flow to that bone area and if the bone has died. I do not know what could happen, I have not looked up anything on the "net". I really had rather take one step at a time!

We will be gone all day today at a water park. I pray she is able and has fun. She should be fine and she is so excited! Not knowing the future or possible surgeries, etc. we are going to have a great day!!! Shouldn't we live like this every day?

Thank you for your prayers!!! I love you all, I need your prayers because I know He hears your prayers!!! I love you my Lord. I praise you in this storm! Peace Be Still! You are my Rock!!!

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Lisa said...

I will be praying for her and you and Clay. So sorry about this! It must be so hard on you, as the mama, to watch her in pain and wait for the results. Praying for her today and for the best possible outcome.

He can be trusted!

Valarie said...

Oh girl. You know how I feel about SJ. Won't stop praying!!

Keep me posted.
Love you.

Alene said...

I'm praying here. Doesn't it just ache a moms heart when she doesn't know what hurts her little ones? May God heal her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes! Amen.

Leah said...


You know I will be praying for you, Sarahjane, Clay, the doctors and everyone involved. I will pray for peace for all of you and for wisdom and clarity for the docs. Please let us know how she does.

Also, there is a word for you over on my blog from earlier this week. The words of Adrian Rogers spoke so clearly to my heart and i hope they will to yours as you go thru this time.

Love ya,


ocean mommy said...

We are praying here in GA for Sarahane and her mommy and daddy.


Irritable Mother said...

I know God knows what's up with your little Sarahjane, and I'm praying He'll reveal it to her doctors.
I've had my share of MRIs, too, and I am sure the technicians will be able to help Sarahjane be comfortable with the process. She's going to be fine. She's in God's hands and there is no better place to be!

doo-dah said...

I am praying and even though I have never met you I want you to know I care.

Cynthia said...

Not very long ago we had a similar situation regarding a bone in the heal of one of my sons. It was so hard not knowing and all the waiting. God brought peace through the storm. Please know that you and your family will be prayed for!


Tisha said...

Hey! I will definitely be praying for SJ! So sorry that she is going through this. Please keep us posted and let me know if I can do anything but pray!

Nicki said...

I'm praying! Right now!! Keep us updated!!

Momma 2 5 said...

My daughter did the same thing 2 summers ago. She was in the hospital for a few days and they too called it a virus in the hip thing. She is fine and has not had anymore episodes.

I just wanted to share so you won't worry. God is in control!
Amanda in SC

Fran said...

Praying for you Leigh. Hope that sweet girl has had a good day.


Fran said...

Praying for you Leigh. Hope that sweet girl has had a good day.


JenB said...

Praying for SJ, and you guys! Let us know!

connorcolesmom said...

I just read this on the Siesta blog that you needed prayer so I hopped over here to let you know I am praying for her
Please keep us informed!
God bless

Anonymous said...

Father God, we thank you for this precious family please be with them as they go thru this time. Give wisdom and discernment to the medical professionals and peace to your precious daughter and her daughter. In the Name of the One Jesus

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for SJ and when I get back from vacation our prayer group will also pray.

I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a hope and a future.

God is in this, I know it is hard when it is your baby but she was His first.
Love ya and praying, keep us updated and I hope you had a great time at the water park!
With much love

Karen said...

Will continue to keep you all in our prayers. As you know, my oldest (6) has an array of medical issues, and has to get MRI's on a semi regular basis...on various areas of his body. Since he is a boy, I developed a "Star Wars" game, where he pretends to be the pilot of the space ship when he goes in. It keeps him still so he doesn't have to be sedated, and he goes with the theory that the noises are his ship. You might consider something similar to keep her mind busy and free from being scared of the noises. They do usually allow me to pull up a chair and hold his hand as well. Just make sure that neither of you are wearing any jewelry (even wedding rings) or metal when you go in. Email me if you have any questions....take care,


Kathleen in TX said...

Praying for your daughter and for you and your husband as well.
God Bless,

Amy E. said...

hey leigh,
just happened to stop by your blog...oh, i can only imagine how you must feel right now! i am praying now for Sarahjane and for you all. please let us know how the MRI goes.....until then, i'll keep praying!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

HEy Everybody!!!!!!!! I can not thank you enough for all your prayers. Sarahjane did amazing for such a young thang!! They laid her down, she grabbed Aslan (isn't that neat that she named him that for such a time as this - gives me chills), and kissed me smiling!! The test started and while listeing to kids praise music she never flitched or anything. Oh Lord my God is amazing!!! What a Savior!! Thank you again for approaching the King boldly on our behalf!! Thank you thank you thank you!! We go at 10:15 to find out the results!! thank you

Sarah Martin said...

So glad that she did great in the MRI machine. PLEASE let us know what you all found out about the results. Will keep praying!!


Michelle V said...

I'm praying for her and you!