Monday, June 23, 2008

601 - Update & Watch for Lurkers

Thank you all so much for praying for my little Sarahjane. She is doing so much better and hopefully will return to regular activity after our next appointment on Friday. I know that I know that I know the prayers you all offered up on her behalf we not only heard, but answered and blessed. Sarahajne went into the "tube" with no fuss at all and never even made a peep or movement the whole time she was in there. It was great and she was great!! I praise the Lord for hearing your prayers - and mine too - and for answering in such a way that made that day easy for us. The results of the MRI were good. There is no bone dieing disease going on, but there was excess fluid around the joint. Because of that we had to do future blood work ruling out things like Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis or a few other things. I am believing it is just fluid built up because she is feisty little thing and may have fallen or just traumatized that hip in some way. I will certainly let you all know, but will still appreciate your prayers along the way.

The cats are at it again. Only this time I got to see everything in action, front row seats, every single details - more than i wanted to know. I thought that Maya was sitting in the yard just enjoying the morning sun as I rocked on the porch swing. But she was doing this weird thing. She would inch closer and closer to this pole. She was as low to the ground as she could possibly go and would come up just enough to get her feet moving closer and closer to this pole. All of a sudden it occurred to me Maya was not moving closer to that pole, there was a innocent bird that was just minding its own business enjoying the morning sun and fresh worms as well that she had her eye on.

I froze in shock. Should i scream and alert the bird of the pending danger or should i just sit back and watch the whole thing go down? Curiosity set in and I decided to watch for myself how this deathly process plays out. Let me just say this...I would scream next time I see this about occur!

Maya continued on in this pursuit. She inched closer and closer not making a sound. All the bird had to do was look around just one time and everything would be fine. She would see the plan of the nasty cat and quickly fly away. But no. She kept her nose to the ground and Maya waited ever so patiently for the perfect time. For a second I looked across the street to see a passerbyer thinking they probably think I am terrible for letting this atrocity happen right before me. Just about to scream and ruin it all and I look over and Maya lunges forward for the attack. Feathers flying, bird squawking, Maya pouncing, and the game is on. It only lasts for a few seconds until Maya kind of looks up at me grinning as to say, "I got him, aren't you proud!" The bird was not dead, but injured severely.

In that moment the Lord Jesus spoke to me on various different levels of what I had just witnessed. Satan too is very patient to wait for the kill. He is willing to wait for the perfect opportunity to go in and destroy. As a Christian eternally saved by grace without the possibility of ever losing that salvation, Satan knows it would be best to just injure me. A lukewarm Christian or one that has totally turned from the way of Christ can do more damage to the body of Christ than a Christian going home to Glory. So to leave me in the game injured, hurt, and in a great need of a healing is better than just doing away with me. I am more likely to doubt, curse, or give up the way Job's friends advise him in the Bible when I am injured.

Another thing God reminded me is to be alert always. There is really no time to let the guard down and just relax. Satan is always lurking around waiting for the most opportune time. I have to be aware and I have to make those that are "playing with fire" aware as well. This war is real and one not to take lightly. I need to get my head out of the sand and pay attention.

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and have it to the full." Satan wants to steal your joy, kill your walk with the Lord, and destroy Christ's reputation. It can not be done. It won't be done! But we must all look up and be aware of our surroundings. We must all alert one another of the Pursuer lurking around!!


Dori said...

Oh Leigh...

Just discovered that apparently my bloglines is not working properly because I had no idea about Sarahjane!!!

I will be praying for that sweet little hip.

Miss you and can't wait to get back and catch up!!

Blessings and much love, friend...

connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad she is doing better
I will continue to pray for her :)
Also I love the insight God gave you this morning
I was just talking to a friend this AM about exactly that topic!
Good stuff!!
God bless

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Just catching up on my blog readings and stoppped to say a prayer for your sweet family.
I know as a Mama you must be scared, but God will take care of you and your sweet baby.
I will check back often.