Monday, July 14, 2008

612 - Look Out Week

This morning my quiet time was about the demon possessed man. I hope that is not an indication of what my week will be like working with 35 kids at tennis camp. Please pray for us all.

We had an awesome weekend!! Friday night Clay and I got a sitter and went and played 9 holes. I played horribly - you would never had known I was taking lessons!! It was bad - a very bad golf day!

Saturday we had an all day swimming meet. My girlies did so well. SJ got a first in backstroke and Emmajoy got a second in freestyle. They are really doing well for their first year!

Saturday night we went to the beautiful home of Jill and Rob!!! I mean it was gorgeous!!! Holy cow - super awesome!! It was a fun friend night - eating and sitting around the table. I love those kind of nights - no kids too!! hee hee

And then my favorite of all was Sunday. We had an awesome Sunday School class. But then that night we had a cool thing. Clay and I love the book Love and Respect. So us and 2 other couples along with a couple that is like the mentors of the group are getting together to go through it.......again for us!! It is wonderful. Our mentor couple - Mike and Becky - have been married 50 years, have 2 grown sons, LOVE the Lord, each other, and have survived cancer!! I wish I could write out all they shared with us last night. It was incredibly awesome!!

So I would love to write more, but I must go set up tennis courts, get tennis balls opened, and get ready for this wild week!!

Have a wonderful day!! What out for the demons!


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh I was so laughing with you on that first sentence!! I hope not too!! =) Sounds like a fun week! Hope it goes well!

Love ya!

Lindsee said...

I love fun friend nights! :) Hopefully we will have some fun friend nights in SA!

Hope your week is fabulous at Tennis Camp! :)