Monday, July 14, 2008

613 - Face of Prayer

A few weeks ago I was reading the words of a dear friend talking about the way her youth minister prayed. It was unlike anything she had ever seen or heard before. His prayer had so much passion that she could not help, but to open her eyes and see for herself Him talking to the Lord. In her words he was "giving his best" even in prayer! I want to do that!

Many things the Lord could ask of me would not seem near as hard, difficult, or overwhelming as prayer. I really do believe I could move anywhere, witness to the scariest of sinner, or even give up my most beloved food (ha ha) easier than being more devoted in prayer. I know that sounds so horrible for a person in ministry, but I do not think it is uncommon for prayer to be difficult at times. In fact I know it is not uncommon.

I am a "prayer", but it does not come easy to me. I have a hard time focusing, I have a scattered brain with multiple thoughts going on at one time, I have a hard time sitting still, and I am impatient! In the very basic sense prayer is a struggle for me daily. Even with the impending sickness that my daughter is going through, it is still difficult to pray at great lengths about that situation. I will, I do, but like i said it does not come easy.

I know from experience there is so much power in prayer. I have seen it for myself and heard different accounts from other Christians. But I will be the first to tell all that Satan too knows the power in prayer and will do everything possible to stop that kind of interaction between the Lord and His people. As difficult as it may be I will not stop pursuing the Lord in this avenue. Not only because He beckons me, but because He commands it!

Luke 9:29 "As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as a flash of lightning." Taking the time to come to the Lord with any and every situation can make all the difference in the world. When I have spent time with the Lord in prayer I pray that I have given Him my best. I pray that like Jesus the appearance of my face will change because i have released the burdens, engaged in the power, and truly experienced the Holy One. Without saying a word at times prayer can completely change not only your life, but your day! Be disciplined, listen to the voice of the Savior!


Joyful said...

Leigh thank you for this post. It has so convicted me. I am a woman of prayer, but I have felt God nudging me to spend more concentrated time at His feet. This morning I was determined to spend extra time in prayer...I got up at 6am...spent time in His Word, then my son had to be at the church for 7:30am. Dashed out with the thought I would come home and pray. Then, one sister called - she needed a ride to her church at 8:15am. Then, another sister was removing wallpaper and redecorating and could use assistance. We had unplanned company for supper and now here it is almost 10pm and those good intentions remained only that...good intentions. I can justify that God used me to help others and minister to them today, but that good still wasn't His best. Reading your post here has touched a sensitive nerve. I still have more to do before heading to bed, but before this girl closes her eyes in sleep, she will be closing them in prayer.


Rachel said...

Speaking Thru Me...Leigh, This name says it all! Each time I visit your blog, I feel like you are writing to me thru Him. Thru you, I am learning how God wants me to serve Him. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

That is so true Leigh! My friends and I meet on Tuesdays for a bible study and fellowship...but we single Monday nights out just to spend time in prayer together at the park. Prayer is something I've struggled with since I was in high school when life hit me in the face and flipped my world upside down. Satan has used that incident against me in more ways than I can count to make me afraid to pray. But I'm catching on to his game....and slowly relearning how to pray outside the bounds of fear....and I'm falling in Love with God all over again :)

Valarie said...

Speak a Word Sista!!! LOVE it! Being a fellow ADD'er (easily distracted - haha) the best trick I've found is to use music. I put on my favorite P&W tracks - set the tone - pray the songs I hear which usually lends to further Scripture prayers - and then interceed. (reducing the volume on this part) Music truly helps me because every time I start the Adoration portion of my prayers on my own that's when the enemy hits the hardest cause he knows I'm about to tap in to the source!!

I know this isn't something new to you, but just wanted to mention it.
Love ya.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Anointed, purposeful post.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey to all of you!! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your encouragement. Anything that He puts in me and comes out through this venue and then blesses, encourages, and even convicts another - That is a miracle right before our eyes!! I am so thankful He is still working in all our lives. Watch today as He will do it again!! On our face, looking to the sky for Him!! Love, Leigh

Julie said...

Something that I learned this year has transformed my thinking.

Jesus is ALWAYS praying inside me..even when I don't say a word. He indwells me, He intercedes through me. He reads my groans and my tears and turns them into a prayer. That just amazes me.

I can even say just the words, "Jesus" over a situation and He will take that one word and pour more words into it and present it to the Father.

How amazing is that?

So, when words are few and all I have is tears I can rest in knowing that prayer is going out of me...ALL THE TIME...because of JESUS...

He initiates the prayer in me and through me. I only have to follow with the burdens He places on me, offering words or tears or even groans.

I just find this astounding.