Tuesday, July 29, 2008

617 - Be Engaged - Think Bigger!

What is God asking you to do right now? I don't mean if God has ever asked you to do something, I mean right now He is asking something of you - Are you listening? God always wants to engage us in things that He is involved in. Are you willing to respond and think big?

The line of questioning above reminds me of the time Jesus asked the disciples to feed the 5000. On this occasion Jesus and his guys had been ministering all day and were ready to retreat. They asked Jesus to make the crowd go away. Jesus replied with an odd statement and probably very frustrating to the the disciples, "You give them something to eat." Jesus was not solving the problem, but giving the disciples even more to do. He was engaging them - big time!

Coming from Charlotte, NC we had every conference under the sun not only come to the city, but most of the conferences came to my big church. It was not uncommon at all for me to go to each and every event - I LOVED it. I would always come home with so much excitement and energy. But it was one of those things that unless you are there it was too difficult to explain. No matter how dramatic I got with Clay he just didn't feel it the way I did at that time. Bummer!

It was not long after moving to Southern Illinois that I began to thirst and starve for that kind of ministering again. And then the Lord asked something of me. I was at a Mark Schultz concert down in Marion and as I stood up to look around the Lord whispered in my heart, "Bring it here - men and women alike." Over time He revealed not just a music concert, but speakers and worship for both the man and woman at the same time. Not a marriage conference at all, but a worship/ministering conference for both of all ages. Something for the area of Southern Illinois that doesn't make us drive to St. Louis, Indy, Chicago, or Louisville. The impulse girl that I am said, "Sure thing Lord, I would love to do that." Then the fear began to set in.

As the disciples began to pass out all they had, 5 loaves and 2 fishes, I am sure the fear began to set in. "What happens when we get to the sixth person? What happens when I can not feed a baby? What happens when i run out? What if more people come up?" I think there was fear there as well even though they had seen Jesus work all the miracles not only that day, but throughout His ministry.

In verse 16 of Luke 9 Jesus gave thanks and then gave the food to the disciples to let them be engaged in the miracle happening. Jesus could have multiplied the food immediately, but instead He gave the food to them to see and feel with their own eyes and hands all He was doing. It was if He was saying, "Come on guys, take part, be engaged, think bigger, and trust Me." After feeding everyone I believe it to be no coincidence that there was 12 baskets leftover for each of the disciple. When we give of everything, even a heart lacking in faith, He still faithfully provides filling us in unimaginable ways!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries has just been granted 501(c) tax exempt status. That means that we are able to take donations and give the donor a tax benefit. Yeah!! But having said that we have little to nothing in the pot to speak of. If you remember correctly our speakers take no kind of speaking fee. I would say we have even less than 5 loaves and 2 fish. Nevertheless God has given me this story today to encourage me that He will provide in abundance.

September 2009 I have rented the Marion Civic Center for a conference for men and women. I have already booked Curtis Jones, Beth Moore's son in law, to speak. I am working on the worship leader and a few more speakers. Priscilla Shirer has already gracefully declined. So i continue to reach my hand in the basket to pull out more and more loaves and fishes. Every time I begin to panic - will anyone show up - how will i ever pay for all this - what if my speakers cancel at the last minute - how is this different than anything else - I reach my hand once again in the basket and He provides...scripture, cards from friends, emails from family, holy nudges!!

So, what is it for you today? What is He calling for in your life to be engaged and think bigger? Can you hear Him today? Have you taken the time to sit before Him today? Listen to the voice of the Savior! Keep digging for more loaves and fish!! It is there!!! He is there!


Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

WOW girl. Sounds like you have something wonderful on it's way!! Can't wait to see what happens!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey Natalie - great to hear from you!! Hope all is well. We need to talk soon! just chat, you know? have a great day!! Leigh

Joy said...


I am so thankful to be part of this team. You consistently remind me that we serve a "BIG GOD" and He can do above and beyond what it needed.

Susan said...

Hi Leigh!

Wow! Your faith is a breath of fresh air! You are going to have quite the testimony to share about His faithfulness when He shows up BIG in September 2009!

I had been reviewing Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" study in my quiet time this morning and the following quote seems appropriate to share with you: "Christ isn't asking us to believe in our ability to exercise unwavering faith. He is asking us to believe that He is able...God is looking for people who will walk with Him in steadfast belief. Beloved, choose to believe. Those who trust in Him will not be put to shame."

Keep believing! :)


Tisha said...

Hey!! I am so excited about this, its ridiculous!!

Kent "might" be able to talk with some Christian artist, so let me know what your thinking.

Irritable Mother said...

This is great, Leigh!

I spoke about the feeding of the 5,000 in May - and one of the points God brought out for me was that when Jesus took the loaves and fishes, He LOOKED UP. He didn't look around at the skeptical disciples and thousands of hungry people and worry about how the food was going to be enough. He looked to His Father. And so should we!
Can't wait to see what He does. *grin*

a.helms said...

Wow, it is so good to hear someone else's story of how God is asking someone to allow Big things. A couple of months ago God gave me a challenge like this one. Then He quietly whispered to me that it wasn't about my fears but about how I was going to allow Him to be Big in my life and how what I was going to allow Him to do in me and through me. I made the decision to do what He was telling me. He immediately began providing opportunities for me to work and do what He had ask. It was amazing. He has blessed and changed my life so much through this one experience and has just started to use me to share His word to change the lives of others.

Norma Bowers said...

Hey Leigh, I am so very excited for you! God calls us all to do BIG things everyday and to your credit you are going forward. I am proud of you and will definitely be praying for you!
That being said,I know you are working on probably getting big name people for your event to draw many there but I had two suggestions for the people you are looking for. For a woman's speaker: Janice Drum. I know you probably have never heard of her but she is top caliber. She is from Statesville, NC and her husband is a pastor at South River BC and they have a son who is only 17 and is serving as the chaplain for a school in the Phillippines of all places for a year and has converted over 300 people while there only since June! She is an amazing speaker and shares with GREAT power! You might just at least want to talk to her.
Also my suggestion for worship leader is Charles Billingsley. He is one of the best after Travis Cottrell that I have seen.
I love you Girl and I will definitely be praying and praying again for you. When you get some kind of button for your event please get it to me so that I can post it on my blog and church blog. I would even love to come and be a part and help in some small way if you would want me!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey everyone - thank you for the excitement and encouragement!! THank you thank you!!!

All of your words or quotes, suggestions, etc. will be taken into serious prayerful consideration!!

Thank you for tkaing the time to comment and please keep praying for it all!!

Love to you all - gone fishing!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh Leigh! I'm so excited about this event. I love it, it's like your "Field of dreams" moment....."If you plan it they will come!". =)

Of course if I can do anything on this end, I mean, besides pray, I'm all over that, let me know!

So glad you're back at blogging today! I've missed your words a bunch!

Lindsee said...

Wow, Leigh! I can tell that God has some huge things in store already for y'alls ministry!! At the same time, thank you for having faith that truly encourages me. I am so excited on the journey that God is taking you on and I LOVE reading about it. Now I just can't wait to give you a big hug!


P.S. I'll come! :)

Valarie said...

Girlfriend. WOW! Prayin' God's hand all over this thing!!

Remember that He's more than enough!! WOOHOOOOOOOOO!


Love ya.

Toknowhim said...

Hey Leigh,

Went to the simulcast yesterday and found out that Beth Moore will have a LPL event in Springfield IL in November of 2009... I know you live in Il... Thought you would like to know (if you didn't already)... :)

ocean mommy said...

Oh Leigh...your words here were inspired for me. :) Thanks for stepping on my toes a little, well a lot!

I'm praying that God will provide that worship leader. That is my passion, so I will be lifting this area of your conference up until you can say..."Look what God provided for us!"


Shonda said...

Hey Leigh,
Been looking for you on the blog. Miss your thoughts. How's your daughter? I hope to meet you in San Antonio.
Engrafted by His Grace-

Alene said...

WOO HOO this is going to be awesome!!! How amazing to watch God unfold the Master plan.

Kathy S. said...

Leigh, what a high calling!! I wouldn't know where to begin! I have had on my heart to have a confrence in our area, but have been waiting on the Lord for direction and prayer partners to birth it.

Cant wait to see how the Lord fulfills His plan through you. It will be an encouragement to me:)

mommydani78 said...

I am excited about your step of faith and can't wait to see what God makes of it and how He provides. Sometimes the suspense kills me! :) We have been living on support/donations for almost 2 years now and God has been completely faithful...wow. I saw this post on your friend's blog and commented before realizing it wasn't you I was commenting, so here it is on your blog! My husband and I would love to help if you need it! www.liveinfreedom.org...started as ministry to youth, but now is all ages. we blog at http://liveinfreedom-ylife.blogspot.com/

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Just letting you know through this blogger comment thingy that I am having a blog giveaway week - this week!!

See you here!! Love, Leigh