Wednesday, August 27, 2008

628 - Lose THE Power

Lord, my tennis team won its first match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now batting 500. I guess i do need to admit we have only played 2 matches, but they are doing so well. Now if i could only walk and actually get with it myself I think we could see some turn arounds! They have been real troopers dealing with me though!

I go for the MRI results today. I am doing so much better i just can hardly believe it. I do still wear those big boots, but hopefully I can get those off today and scale down to a different model. Sarahjane is also getting her stitches out from the biopsy. I pray that all goes well.

Lord Jesus, this morning I find myself in Mark, again! This is the account that I have come back to time and time again. The little boy that is demon possessed and the dad asked the disciples standing around arguing to heal him. They can not. At the end of the story we realize that they can't heal because of a lack of prayer.

My devotion brought attention to the facts of why it might have been impossible for them to heal. One explanation really hit home with me. The opposition was not just lurking around, but this time the disciples were in direct combat with them.

As I am preparing for this conference in Sept. 2009 I have met some combat. Most of it is not in real skin. It is a mind battle that I have to take to the Lord. (But my word, those can be the worst of all battles.) Nevertheless, there have been battles with the skin as well. God has revealed to me the concept of having both men and women there just like a regular church service. Just this will not be at a church, will have incredible worship, and will be at a very non-threatening location. And yet there have been a few to just not get it. Not get the concept of wanting to bring in both genders whom probably have not step foot in the church in a long time.

When the opposition arises I want to fight. I want to try to rationalize it out with the Pharisees - can you rationalize and justify and make clear a vision that has not all been revealed. Walking in faith will not make sense to many, well, actually very few. I can get so exhausted from trying to fight out the faith walk instead of just walking out the faith and allowing Him to put out the fires.

Father I realize very obviously that this is not my war - life in general i am speaking of. I am in it, but You are the Victor and Champion. I try to take on too much myself. I do that with just the generalities of life, but also in my walk with You as well. I have found that in a true walk of faith much of the walk is blind, one foot in front of the other, and a complete depletion of myself. That depletion of myself is not belittling me, it is a a relinquish of any authority I might think I have in my life and doing as He desires. Total surrender, palms open, and heart tender.

Oh Spirit - today my heart is excited. I am excited to see Your Word jump off the pages and be led by Your Spirit! Lord Jesus, I do ask for your Spirit to invade me to the fullest today. Make me aware of ways that I can be a blessing to so many around me. Help me to be patient with the tennis girls and my family to be patient with me during this trying time. Lord, may Your favor continue to embrace my days and my mind to be always turned to You. Jesus, reveal Your plans to me as I wait in expectation of what is ahead!! Oh Lord, show me Your Glory!! Fill me!


Bridgette said...

Just checking in to see how your appointment went today. Praying for you!
Also, I will be praying for you concerning the conference in September. Sounds like this could and will be a great opportunity. I will pray that God will give you peace and wisdom as you prepare. and maybe some courage too!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey Bridgette - you are so sweet to check in with me. Doing ebtter, but have a long way to go!!

thanks for your kind words and please do be praying about the conference. Still waiting to hear on the worship leader... Any chance you can come?

Love, Leigh

Kathy S. said...

Hi Leigh, I have said it before, I love reading your meditations, seeing the battle in print is encouraging because we all do it. We just don't realize our constant flow of thoughts.

I am excited to watch what God does in your steps of faith toward the confrence.

I am not sure if you are waiting to hear from a worship leader or if you are looking for someone, but since you are in the midwest (I think) you should check into Elizabeth Hunnicut. She leads our confrence every spring and is wonderful. She also leads worship @ her church: Eagle Brook in White Bear Lake, MN. They have a website, or you could google her name.

She radiates joy. You would loooove her!

I am in a small town and small church too. When I went to the She Speaks confrence, I had to filter alot of what I was learning. We don't even have a woman's ministry team per say...I have a ministry to women as the Lord directs. Currently in waiting mode for the Lord to open up something. Learning and growing in the meantime.

Thanks for sharing your heart. I pray that Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals will speed your recovery and bless you abundantly with His grace!
Love, Kathy