Monday, August 25, 2008

627 - I am not left out!

Oh Lord Jesus, what a great weekend and I thank you for it. Not what I wanted to do, not what I was expecting, and not what I had dreamed, nevertheless, completely wonderful and eventful. Thank you Savior!

Kindness and love are still pouring in as a result of my footies situation! Many emails of people speaking excitement and joy into my life. I thank you!! And yes, I did even have the person ask what in the world was I not doing or what incredible sin was in my life that HE would allow both feet to be hurt to keep me down! It's fair - well, if I had known her on any personal level. Oh well. I did stop and think and ponder and ask the Lord His opinion. It's ok - it has purpose too!

The most common response to all this is, "Wow, Leigh, the Lord must really be wanting to show or do or something in your life. He has something for you and someone is trying to slow you down or keep you from pressing forward." That too could be the case. Again I wanted HIS opinion.

I have to admit there is a feeling of being left out that is not too uncommon in my heart having moved to Illinois. It is a common feeling from way back youth as well. I love a crowd and hate to left out of it. It is not from Him, but something that I deal with from time to time! I struggle with many of my ministry friends on moving on to bigger and seemingly better things and I feel left behind. I hear of others doing those big city things like having lunch with Kay Arthur - Kay Arthur is not coming to Carmi and I don't happen to know anyone in case she did that would invite me to have lunch with her if she did - like my friend Ginger - you lucky dog! Going through blogland after a big deal conference that I didn't attend brings those old feelings back again as well. Felt very left out after She Speaks postings and now the Siesta deal. I just want to be involved in it all - that is me, never want to be alone or not in the center of the crowd. Not THE center usually, but IN the center!

So I kept waiting for the big bang to hit me this weekend as I sat wondering about all my buddies down snub hubbin' with Beth and her girls. I kept waiting for God to reveal something. I kept waiting for something to hit me and I would start praying like I have never in my life. I kept waiting for the phone call from................I don't know... just dreaming. hee hee Constantly the Lord had to remind me to take the "left out" feeling captive and turn it to Him! I was physically hurt, I needed rest, I had other stuff to tend to, and I just needed to praise since He had just HEALED my daughter! It was my turn to be home, but why?

So the other morning I was having my quiet time. It sent me to Mark 7:31-36. This was the account of Jesus sticking his fingers in a man's ears to make him hear and spitting (doesn't say if it was on his tongue or on his hand) and the touching his tongue to make him talk. The whole specifics of the story had me a bit caught off guard. But the thing I thin the Lord wanted me to see was that the man took him away from the crowd to do the WORK in his life. The scriptures specifically say Jesus pulled him away from the crowd and then did these miracles in his life.

If that was not enough here is the first sentence in my devo book,"Sometimes when Jesus is about to do something really special in our lives, He will rearrange our surroundings. He will take us out of our element..." Driving out to something the other day the girls asked me - Mom, are you a city girl or a country girl? I told them I thought I was neither. The big city does nothing for me, but neither does the country. I think I am just a small town girl.

The Lord has changed my surroundings often all my life. He has done it again and I wait in anticipation. My issue is trying to wait without great expectations of what I want - just trying to wait to see what He exposes and being able to WALK in it with the wonderful joy of Jesus exuding from every pore. Oh Lord, what a task - thank you for being my provider, help, and shield. Thank you for making me aware of the left out feelings and for showing me You have not forgotten. Oh Lord, You are so good and faithful. I love you Savior.

We have another tennis match today. Girls lost all their matches yesterday, but did awesome!! I was very, very proud of them! Had the MRI as well yesterday and am going back tomorrow for the results. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better. Walking without crutches and can even shuffle along without the boots in the mornings and at night. Not sure if i suppose to be doing that! Anyway - we shall see. This is His day - I will rejoice!


Joyful said...

Leigh, thank you for sharing this here. You have no idea how this has touched my heart. Just yesterday I wrote to a friend saying my current is not what I had envisioned for the Fall. I had received a couple of job offers (both of which were "dream jobs"), I had hopes of being led to do some more writing...just other "exciting" adventures with God, when suddenly my elderly Mother's accident and my Father's health challenges have me spending my days caring for parents instead.

The last blog post I wrote was entitled, "Embrace or Endure". I have to choose my reaction. I can just endure my circumstances or embrace them and trust that God is working out His purposes during this time.

Your Word from the Lord this morning encourages my heart. I will continue to embrace my current and know God is working His character into my life.
Blessings and prayers,

Holly said...

Missed you, Leigh! So very much. We shall try to meet up again, OK??

Praying for you and your family today.

Amanda said...

Leigh, you were missed! I'm so glad you shared this post.

Joy Trachsel said...


I love how you are able to always put things into perspective...His perspective.

I wish I could come and take you to lunch.


Kate said...

Sometimes you can feel left out even in a large crowd. We did talk about how we would have pushed you around in a wheel were certainly missed...especially by would have been my Kay Arthur 'cause I would have been overly thrilled to lunch with you.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

What a bummer that you missed out on the conference!! BUT, I loved how God spoke so clearly to you about right where He had you at that moment.

love ya!

Fran said...

I am totally with you on the feeling left out thing. Thats me too. It is definately a struggle.

But, I'm with ya on God is doing something my friend. He is taking you away for something. Maybe already known, maybe not.

Praying for you.
Much love,

JenB said...

Excuse me little missy, but are you by chance doing Jesus, 90 Days with the One and Only? Cause that was in MY devotion the other day! Cool!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Hi Leigh....
Right before the lunch on Friday, they were telling me that this had happened to you, so I was just popping over to tell you how sorry I am that you were unable to make it.

Disappointments are sooooo tough, but it sounds like God gave you some sweet perspective.

Alene said...

Girlie, I MISSED you!!! I was looking forward to meetin you. God is up to something big among HIS women! Whoa will be ever be flabbergasted when it comes in full view! Love ya bunches. Waiting to hear about the MRI. . .

Kathleen in TX said...

I know this is a late comment but I was really looking forward to meeting you (another Gray Siesta!) at the conference. I just wanted to echo the others and let you know that you were missed!!

Melissa May said...

Just had to say hi and good job on taking a break and being obedient. I'm looking forward to seeing what God has for you here next. : ) Your kids are adorable - and I can tell it's not just on the outside.

I can so relate to God changing around my surroundings. Seems like He's been doing that for so long - but it's always in preparation for something and I'm so grateful I can trust Him to do the preparing since I can't see 5 minutes in front of my face!

Blessings to you!!!!