Thursday, April 09, 2009

710 - Hello new friends and GIVEAWAY!!!!

If you can not read this or don't have time to watch the video, all you have to do is to leave a comment of where you live, if you attend a church, and what your dream is - not necessarily something that God is telling you to do, but what you just dream of doing - anything!!!!

Do the above and I will put your name in for a free cute as pie purse. I will be gone all next week and so the comment section will be open until then! Leave a message as many times as you want - change your dream each time though!! Surely you have more than one dream! ha ha!

PS - It went fabulous!!! Kids were very attentive and responsive as well. I love the kids!! They are hard nosed and temperamental, but still souls that need so much love!

Thank you for praying!!!


Toknowhim said...

I live in Illinois close to you :) I do attend Church at a local Christian Church, and one of my dreams is to leave the "abundant" life that God wants for me :)

Love ya, and would love to win that cute little purse :)

I will come back later with another dream...

Angie said...

You crack me up!!! I wish I would have found your blog sooner.

Ok...your answers
Angie Combs
Durham, NC
First Baptist Church-Durham
I don't know if this is the "dream" answer you are looking for...It is more of a personal goal for me.
I have been away from God too long and I am on a personal journey to be the woman He has wanted me to be for so long. To gain knowledge about Him, walk closer to Him and let His love and joy be seen through me.

And now just to add humor...Dream of winning the lottery. Come on, who doesn't!

Sheryl said... you go:

Sheryl Dean
Marietta, GA
Hurt Road Baptist Church

I would like to be able to teach Bible more. I love my SS class and the Bible study group at church. But, I would like to venture out to speak elsewhere.



Tea With Tiffany said...

Tiffany Stuart
Colorado Springs


Just checking in on you. It's been a long time. I just recently started adding videos to my blog. Fun!

Wendy said...

Hello Leigh,

I am so excited to have found your blog! What fun questions...and what a cute purse!

The funny thing about the dream question is that I'm reading Put Your Dream to the Test by John C. Maxwell for a book review and just today I read the part where Maxwell advises readers to write the specifics of their dream.

So here goes:
My dream is to help others (mainly women) feel less alone through my gifts of writing and speaking.

I live in Connecticut and am a member of Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church (say that fast 10 times :D )

So glad to have found you. Hope your talk went well. I will pray. Also, I think 15 years is worth hair extensions :)

~ Wendy

Alyce said...

Hey Leigh..I haven't listened to your video yet.. I am listening in on AWI right now..but wanted to sign up for this giveaway ;-)

I attend Tucker Swamp Baptist
My dream is to get in the kitchen with Paula Deen and cook with her!!

Have a great spring break!!


Jeanne said...

I am cracking up because my son just asked who I was listening to. I answered quickly with "someone from facebook". My son says "Oh my goodness, you have someone famous on your facebook page! Hey, guys (talking to his brothers) mommy knows someone famous!" :) So Leigh, at my house you are famous!

Now to answer the questions--
I live in Webb City, Missouri.
I attend Forest Park Baptist Church.
My dream (one of many) is to adopt a little girl.

Jeanne said...

I live in WebbCity, Missouri
I attend Forest Park Baptist Church
My dream is to be all that my Jesus wants me to be--completely and intimately in love with him.

Jeanne said...

I have lots of dreams so I am posting yet again!

from WebbCity, Missouri
I attend Forest Park Baptist Church
My dream is to be a Godly woman who radiates Jesus ALWAYS!

Sallye said...

Sallye King
San Angelo Tx
Edmound Blvd Baptist Church
To live in Israel

Jeanne said...

I just realized that I have not been putting my name in my comment--oops!
Jeanne C.
Webb City, MO
Forest Park Baptist Church

My dream is to travel to every continent.

kdveiten said...

My name is Kristi. I am from Windthorst, Texas, and I attend St. Mary's Catholic Church. I really enjoy your blog! You have the cutest personality! My dream is to get my master's degree in technology (am actually working on that right now) and become a national presenter/trainer using instructional media in the classroom. I currently teach 2nd graders. My other, lifetime dream is to be a professional singer. I do sing at my church, though, and love to lead praise music there.

Annabelle said...

I'm Ann (aka Annabelle), I live in the Northern Suburbs of Cincinnati. I attend The River Church, it's a non-denominational church (

My dream is to someday open my own photo studio...I just love taking photos, but I have so much to learn about taking photos.

Dianna said...

First off. I love your zebra print jacket. Very cute.

I'm Dianna from South Carolina. I attend a great church. One of my dreams right now is to be out of debt. :D (isn't that everyone's though. lol)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I live in Shreveport La

attend Calvary Bapt Church

Dream of traveling non stop with my grandsons...well at least a trip every 3 months....

Jennifer said...

I live in Michigan.
I attend a Reformed Church.
I have a dream of someone doing all my grocery shopping and cooking for me. I am more than willing to trade something for that service. I love to sew. LOL!

Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...

You are awesome. I love to hear you talk. Thank you for speaking at the AWI Conference.
I live in GA and attend church at Grace Fellowship Church of God. I have a wild dream of someday being a speaker for God.


Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...

I'm back!! I have several dreams. Don't know if they are God inspired or just wishful thinking. HA!

I dream of writing a book of my testimony and the awesomeness of God.


Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...

Ok, can you tell I would really LOVE that purse :)

I have a desire to be a missionary to Jamaica and then somewhere in Africa. Praying for hubby to jump on board with this one. :)


Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...

Ok, not sure if I am suppose to tell where I am and my church each time, or just change my dream.

I live in GA and we attend Grace Fellowship.
Another dream i have to wait on hubby on, is to adopt some of those really cute and sweet African children. My kids are almost grown (the baby is 15) and what a blessing it would be to have more older ones. I am not looking for a baby but a bit older child that needs to know the love of Jesus.


Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...

Ok, one more, maybe my last.
I would really love a chance to sit down and talk with Beth Moore, the one who has made such a huge impact on my life and let me see I can be loved by God. Even after the abuse and everything in my past. I can not sit and study under Beth without bawling my eyes out. And I LOVE her BIG Texas hair :)
I will most definitely be standing beside her in heaven at the throne seat of Christ.


Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...

Oh, one more.
Can I ask a dream for someone else?
Tim Tebow has made such a BIG impression on my 15yr son. We live in `Bulldog` territory (Athens, GA) and our son proudly wears his `Gator` clothes and the shirt with Neese High School on it.
Aside from Christ Jesus, Tim Tebow is our son's earthly hero. After that is our son's Youth Pastor. :)

We live in GA and go to Grace Fellowship.


Mallory said...

I thought you did a great job on the speech at the carmi-white county high school.I really enjoyed your was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog. I love that you have videos!

My name is Linda and I live in Iowa. One of my dreams is to be more outgoing. I am very shy around new people. I attend a small baptist church called Valley View.

Cute purse!!! (LOVE purses!)

Gail said...

Hey Leigh,
This is Gail and I'm from Northeastern Pennsylvania. I do attend church~ Living Hope Bible.
I so enjoyed your message on AWI and thank God for guiding me to your blog and that conference. What an encouragement!!
One of my dreams is to put an addition onto my house so I have more room to entertain. I love to entertain and share God's love with people!

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

Hello Leigh!
I am Bobbie Jo!
Currently in San Angelo TX!
I attend church at Sierra United Methodist Church!
My dream is to grow stronger in my faith!

tere carns said...

Hello - This is Tere Carns from Pleasanton, California. I attend church at, and I am getting baptized with my husband on Easter Sunday!! WooHoo! Our church is just around the corner from our home. We have 5 kids combined, one of which is "ours" - My dream is to own a small home with a barn and a couple of acres of land. I want to continue my craft business (Delightful Whimsy), get my degree in Natural Health (PhD)(so I can be a doctor of health, not sick people)... and rescue animals that need a home. Yea, I know, it's quite a bit... but heck, I will be 50 in 4 years and I've got Goals!! And my children will need something to do :O) And, yes, God did tell me to make those little sleeping bags for Barbie that are on my web site! I swear! :O) Life is Good. God Bless You All for being a new part of my adventure in life! Cheers!
tere xo

Sugar and Spice Mommy said...

Oh you are sooo funny!
Thanks again for teaching us about Isaiah 58:11; I would love to use your lesson with the girls in my YM Sunday school class!!
Ok...I want to WIN!

My name is Ashley A. (AKA: Sugar and Spice Mommy)

I'm from Germantown, TN (suburb of Mempshis)

We attend Bellevue Baptist Church

Short Term Dream: To get my toe nails polished is time for some flip flops! (somehow I get distracted with an almost 1 year old and almost 3 year old!)

Long Term Dream: To one day see those sweet little girls accept Jesus in their hearts!

Thanks Leigh! Can't wait to watch your blog some more!:)

Susieqtpie said...

You crack me up! HOpe you got SUN and extensions! LOL
I prayed for you and wondering how the high school speech went?
I'm Susan B aka susieqtpie on twitter

We attend Bethel Lutheran Church in DQ, IL. My dh is the pastor.

Dream is to get an online store going for my jewelry business and crafty items!!!!
Thanks for carin' and sharin'!

Mary Lynn said...

Mary Lynn Wooters
Northridge Christian Church
Milledgeville, Ga

My dreams are many - But a big one is my dream of leading an early childhood ministry where all of my adult voluteers do not cancel on me (especially at the last minute) and all preparations for the Sunday's activities are done way early in the week and no technical issues and all of the many, many kids are happy and learning about Jesus- in short, a smooth Sunday. Can you tell I am stressing about this Sunday - Easter Sunday?!
I loved your session this week during AWI conference. Thank you for the encouragement and thoughts.

mary said...

Mary Bowman
Christ Church of the Valley

Im proud to say I'm going on my first mission trip to serve other women at are sister church in Mexico.
My dream is for all my children and grandson to know the Lord

you gotta wonder said...

I was blown away by the AWI experience. I've been going through many life changing experiences during the last six months and I can hardly wait to see where God is taking me!

My dream is to fulfill God's calling for me. I *think* that involves writing and on-line ministries.

Fran Hart
Christ Episcopal Church
Austin, Texas (Cedar Park/Round Rock)

Gail said...

Hi Leigh,
Just me again! Hope your having fun on vacation. You know where I'm from but I thought of another "dream" ... well it's really not a dream just something I think would be fun to try once and that is be the host on QVC! Silly Huh!!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Hey girl, I live in Sunny South Florida, and yep I go to church...well, I married a Pastor and I also work at the church, so I kinda HAVE to go, wink wink!

No seriously, I would love to get in on your fan-tab-ulous giveaway!

My dream is to one day be a Women of Faith speaker...I'm just sayin'...if we are putting it out there then I am REALLY putting it out there!


Take Care,
Melissa in Mel's World

Sarah said...

Hey, Leigh -- I love to hear others' dreams, too.


Oh, I live in Abilene, Texas (can I get a yee-haw?) and attend Southern Hills Church of Christ here. I so love my church family.

One of my dreams is to publish a book. I'm working on one -- but my fear is holding me back currently.

Sarah said...

Since joyful did this, so am I! :-) Glad she paved the way!

I'm going with Melissa -- yeah, I would love to be a Women of Faith speaker at some point.

That's the BIG dream -- the dream-on-the-way-to-the-dream is to have more opportunities to speak to ladies and help them to see how CRAZY about them God is! said...

Hello Leigh! I am in Nor Cal! Yes, I go to church and it is one we like very well! My dream is to fulfill God's purpose for my life. Trying to get back on track, after easing off for a few years, due to family needs. God has given me the green light again, so time to get moving!

Blessings to you and yours, Julianne

cceeyore said...

Hi Leigh! I am in Clayton, NC. My husband and I go to True North Church. My dream is to write discipleship curriculum for Christians ... for infancy, toddlerhood, childhood and into adulthood in the Christian walk. I believe it is very important to focus on discipleship for Christians of all ages because whether you have been a Christian for 5 minutes or 50 years!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Traci said...

hey friend! it's traci from hgbc in charlotte. maybe by actually putting this in writting i'll start making progress in this direction... my dream would be to have a clutter free, organized and decorated house. i just need to let go of the knick knacks, know what i mean? i think it would be freeing to not feel a need to hold on to everything for sentimental reasons. i think my husband might keel over if this ever happens though! i guess the first step would be to overcome my laziness. it might sound like an excuse, but there's just so much that i'm overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, therefore, i do nothing but sit and look at it. ok, now that i've spilled my gutts... my goal this summer is to put a dent in this huge project. i'm being realistic, it'll take more than a summer to get it all done. maybe i need accountability?... why did i just say that?! :)

Mary Lynn said...

My dream is to have an organized and uncluttered house and life. I recognize that a lot of the clutter comes from the kids toys and art and other learning products but a lot also comes from my many activites. I accumulate lots of paper and other materials that end up piled in stacks. I dream of uncluttering my schedule so I can enjoy being a mom again and do the ministry I love with more energy, joy and love.
Mary Lynn Wooters
Northridge Christian Church
Milledgeville, Ga

Mary Lynn said...

My dreams are many as I have said before. This is in reference to another ministry that I lead- MOPS. I dearly love MOPS and the ladies (about 10 of us) but I am dreaming/praying that I am going to hear God's voice in the decision of whether to continue this MOPS ministry next fall. I desperately need to unclutter my life and I need to expend my energy and time in areas that God can work the most. My family has paid a price with all of my activities. So with of all of that being said, I dream of being able to hear God's voice and be obedient to His Will in my life.

Mary Lynn Wooters
Northridge Christian Church
Milledgeville, GA

Melissa May said...

Hi Leigh! Loved this vlog. Made me chuckle. : )

Melissa in Fresno, CA
The Grove Community Church

My dream is to be in fulltime ministry doing speaking, teaching, counseling, worship leading, writing... all of it! (But not at the same time!!!)

AND my other dream is to someday either be able to keep my house clean or to pay someone else to do it for me. : )

And to be organized. I always dream about that, too. And I think it's the least likely to ever come true!!!!! : )

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey gals! Thx for leaving all the comments.I thought I would drop by and leave my dream.I want to do something to make and see dreams come true.I would love to have the resources and name to make other's dreams be realized. I love watching Extreme House Makeover or American Idol because right before my very eyes I see burdens lifted and potential soared beyond their imaginations! I love that! I love to bless but don't do it near enough!

bringhaitihome said...

HI there Leigh!
Love your jacket, and your video was great! Hope the high school speech was awesome.

My Dream is to be christian speaker to women/teen girls to talk abt so many things but one of pet subjects is good stewardship of God's resources.
Also have a dream of traveling every continent. Have been to 4 so far.
Also a dream of adoption from Haiti... struggling with that one right now.

Hope you are tan the next time I see you but most of all, I hope you had fun on your trip!

Tamela in Minnesota - MEFC

Angie said...

Leigh--FIRST---I LOVED your talk last week...did I tell you that already? I think I probably did...but it's worth repeating!

2nd...I was in the bedroom last night listening to your video (watching) and Jeff thought I was watching a comedy---I couldn't help but laugh at you me dear sweet "unmet yet" friend!

Love purses.

Okay. I live in Florida..and attend/member at Marianna First A/G.

My dream. lead someone to Jesus.

I know. I will be back and post another. But that's top on my list of dreams.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Dori Cook. I do attend church. And here is my dream:

I have a dream.
I have a dream that one day Leigh Gray will move into the house next door to me.
I have a dream that we will sit on the porch and drink lemonade and talk about the Lord.

I believe in dreaming B.I.G.!!

Seriously, I have a dream that my children will fall head over hills in love with Christ and will serve Him in ministry for the rest of their days.

I also have a dream of writing a Bible study, although I have no topic.

Love you, girl!

Jeanne said...

My name is Jeanne.
I live in Webb City, MO
I attend church.

My dream is for all my boys to grow up following Jesus without times of straying.

Mary in VA said...

Hi Leigh! I love purses, so here goes.

As for my dream, I would love to write a book one day, and I'd also love to go on a mission trip.

I go to Bethel Baptist Church in Yorktown Virginia

Amy Bayliss said...

You are hilarious, girl. Go get a tan and some extensions that way you are ready for Survivor when they call! :)

just for the record:
I'm Amy Bayliss and I'm from Baton Rouge, LA. I attend Healing Place Church and my "dream" is to be effective in women's ministry and be a published author. How's that?

Kylene said...

Hi Leigh!
I was one of those hard nosed, temperamental kids you spoke to in Carmi, IL. Haha! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation. I especially loved the part about how you said you waited to have sex until you were married. I'm waiting, also! I thought I was the only girl left on the planet that was waiting to have sex until I'm married. I just want to experience it the way God intended it to be! I feel so good knowing that I'm doing what God wants me to do.

Anyway, my name is Kylene. As I said before, I live in the hick town of Carmi, IL. I attend World Harvest Church in Carmi. My biggest dream is for God to show me what He wants me to do with my life. I've been praying that He'll guide me. =)

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Hey girls - I will be back on Monday to make the announcement of who won!!!! I am so excited to tell you, but until then keep dreaming. I was able to speak last night and had a blast - and I will be speaking 3 times tomorrow. Appreciate your prayers!! Much love, Leigh

Alyce said...

Is this giveaway closed??? I was offline (not by choice) for a week.. what did I miss??

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Michigan, but now live in Queensland, Australia. I married a wondreful Aussie man. {swoon}

We attend the local Christian Reformed Church. Interestingly, the majority of the congregation are from South Africa. Who knew this American gal would move to Australia and some of her closest friends would be South Africans. Only God!

My dream. I was a missionary teacher before I met and married my husband (we have only been married 2 years). I would love to be teaching again at an MK school. And...ah...I don't know why I didn't say this first, but we would love to have a family. We are praying for babies. All in God's time. :)

For His Name's Sake,

Denise said...

I am Denise from Tennessee, yes I attend Lighthouse church. My dream is to get closer, and closer to Jesus.