Tuesday, June 01, 2010

847 - Why is Dreaming considered conceited at times?

We are avid Toby Mac fans around here and he has given me a lyric that has set me free. On his newest CD my mom got Tucker for Christmas at Thanksgiving, song number 3 - Booming out the Stereo (I think that is the is name) - he says with a "hand full of dreams and a heart for God"................... Oh Lord Jesus - that is a perfect description of how I feel and actually how I am. Toby (we are on a first name basis) is talking about his career and the music he is actually driven to and performs. He is talking about his ministry and to those or the particular ones that he ministers to - it is not every one's calling, what he does, but that for them and because of God he has a "hand full of dreams and a heart for God".

I think so often I hear even big speakers say in a round about way that they don't dream, God just places before them all the opportunities. Very true and easy to say when you are at the top. You can not dream any further because you are there. The top is not what I am praying about today. But I am thanking you Jesus for the freedom to dream today. Coupled with a heart for our Lord, we can dream to any degree. So many times I have been put down or discouraged is a better word, to not worry (to me they are really saying not to dream) about where God is going to take you. These are the same people that would say just let it happen and don't do anything about letting others know about the gift HE has given you that you want to share with others. For some reason they get all Calvinistic on me when they would never ever be that way with anything else in life.

This weekend or actually yesterday I was given the opportunity to speak at 2 churches. I took my son with me because my beloved Alisha took all 3 of my girls for the night as her present to me and Clay was teaching Sunday School in Carmi. After speaking at the first church I asked Tucker if i was boring. He replied, "Oh no Mom, you aren't boring or quiet." I am not sure what that last part means. Ha! Then I said back to Tucker, "Can you understand at 9 years old why I love Jesus and why I absolutely love speaking the Truth to others?" The little man of oh so few words, "Yeah mom, I get it."

Jesus, ministry is my life and speaking is my breath or like breathing to me!! Oh I just love devouring Your Word and then exposing it to others. Yesterday I could have stayed up there all day - that would not have been too popular in the Methodist Church, but that is how much I love it! My other man of oh so few words, Clay AKA hubby, said, "Leigh you really did a great job. I mean you have come a 1000 miles." Now I am not so sure about that last part either, but I will take it and run with it!

Savior, I dream of doing this kind of ministry for years and years. I dream of speaking to as many people as you possibly would have me to. I dream of not writing books, but writing prayers day in and day out to you. I dream of seeing thousands come to know you personally and then walking successfully in that relationship with you! I dream of passing a ministry on to my kids or grandkids to run with and dream bigger. I dream of being used in any way to bring about good elsewhere. I dream about being known as a Woman after God's heart and one that is known for sound advice and judgement. I dream of making His name renown!!! I want to make His famous ways known to all!! I dream of being righteous before Him and well favored! I dream of doing nothing else but traveling with Clay and speaking of my Jesus in every type of venue! I dream of being one that God can point to and say, "That is my go - to - girl!." I dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dream because I have a heart for God!!!

I heard an interview last night of Rick Warren. The Lord has majorly stretched his boundaries. Wow!!!!!!! And he talked about Ps. 72 when Solomon prayed that God would make him known among all nations and used mightily! Solomon was truly asking to be famous in a round abut way, but he had a heart for God. His reason was noble and righteous. Verse 12- 14 explains his request and reason for wanting such great influence - deliver the needy, help the afflicted that have no one, take pity on the weak, rescue others from oppression and violence, etc. Of course this Psalm should be looked at as the True King coming to reign as well!! Jesus, our Lord. But my point is that I am not sure we are to just sit back and not dream. I am not sure why it seems in ministry that one is not to dream - like dreaming is almost sinful - or at least that dreaming is not being spiritually mature. I wonder if people told Joseph his dreams were wrong or worth nothing. Oh yeah, they tried to kill him!!!

Jesus, guide me. Keep and protect my hand full of dreams and my heart for you!!! Thank you for the freedom I have in You! Oh thank you thank you!!! (I find it not ironic in one bit I just received in the mail 2 or 3 days ago out of the blue from Tracy, The Dream Giver.)


Sheila said...


Thanks for that post! You are so right. We are to dream dreams for God!

I think the reason that people discourage it is because they think we're dreaming them for ourselves--for our fame, for our name, etc. And it is a fine line, because when I speak, it is exciting to see others laugh at my jokes or cry at my stories.

But what people don't get is that you can have an honest heart for God, and you can want to share His message so much that you do dream for Him, and not for you! So good for you, and I'll join you in dreaming!

Sheila from Becoming a Christian Women's Speaker.

Melissa May said...

Love this, Leigh! Thanks for the encouragement to keep dreaming. Oh, how I pray that He keeps me seeking Him and delighting in Him so that He can make His dreams for me come true and that I will know how to walk in them!!!

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Dreaming right with you, my friend! I love that book! I read it a few years ago when I was just starting my speaking ministry. It is really good!!!! Thanks for your beautiful encouragement and transparent heart, my friend.

Love you!