Friday, October 22, 2010

912 - Baby Grace Pics and Update.

Here is an article my home newspaper did on Baby Grace.

I have not heard this morning how the night went, but I am believing well.  So many of you have asked what do they need now.  They need phone card minutes to fill their phones.  We need a few people to sponsor the hotel rooms that the mom's sister and husband have been staying at - it was roughly $45 a night.  They are students at Wheaton College in Chicago that are extremely poor themselves.  5 kids and will not ask for anything - culture!  Many nights of no food, etc.  right in our own country.  All they want is an education so they can go back to preach to their people!!!  WOW!

Thanks friends.  Our website is up and running again.  If you so felt led you can donate from that page.  Sorry to always talk about that, but this adventure is very expensive and we are getting close on funds and have until Dec. 11.  I am 100% confident that HE will provide through His people!!  Thank you in advance!

Much love yall!  Leigh

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