Monday, November 15, 2010

914 - Need to see a miracle - Watch this!

On Dec. 8 my daddy began on the most difficult and unexpected adventure of his life.  Dad was working out when he realized he could not process which weight was the 5 pound weight.  He didn't think a whole lot about it - very common of one having a stroke - and went down to take his shower.  By the time he got out of the shower he could not figure out how to make the towel stay around his body.  It was at this time he realized he was in a full blown stroke.  It was impossible to get his shoes tied now.

Making his way to the lobby where my mom was waiting he said in his normal quiet way, "Susie you need to take me to the ER.  I am having a stroke."  Mom freaked and so would I!!!

After 3 days in ICU and many scary nights of not understanding the unknown we came to find out that there are 2 kinds of strokes.  There is a blood clot stroke that 85% of the population have.  These are the kind that you hear of people being paralyzed for a time, but regaining everything in a matter of time - short time, back to almost 100%.

But my dad had the "bad" stroke.  Hemorrhagic stroke are the ones you do not want to have.  This is basically a brain bleed.  Where a blood clot stroke causes a lack of blood, O2 to a certain area of the brain for a short amount of time, a hemorrhagic stroke has blood that explodes in an area and kills all cells it comes in contact with.  Surprisingly the brain detests blood.  It doesn't want it anywhere around and certainly not uncontrolled!  This kind of stroke is one that you do NOT want to take a blood thinner or any kind of aspirin that you hear about.  This kind of stroke usually has permanent damage, but usually results in death within the first month.

So far my dad has beat the odds.  He has had one set back with a seizure back in April or May, but worked hard and is back better than ever!  But dad could not sit up on his own, he could not do anything!!!  Very slowly, but diligently dad has worked so hard to regain so much!!

This was so unexpected as my parents are the healthiest individuals EVER!!!  Both my mom and dad were/are Senior Olympians in basketball and have competed and WON all over the world.  Both mom and dad never miss a shot - it just doesn't happen.  This video below is where my dad is now.  We are coming up on his 1 year anniversary.  He is such an inspiration to so many.  All those days we would just dream of being like the guy next to us in therapy that was so much further along is now where my dad is!  People in his situation now look at him and want to be where he is!  He inspires all the other patients!!  You will see why when you see this video!!

I would certainly be remiss if I didn't give credit to my momma for all her hard work.  Her life has been redirected and she has with 110% step up to the plate.  Mom and dad are constantly together and that is not always a good thing.  ha  But mom makes sure to take dad to therapy 3 times a week and then on the off days they will go to the workout place to do their other "therapy".  This is no doubt tough on the one affected, but I am not sure that it might be even more difficult on the care giver!  My mom has taught me so much through this all.  They both have!

I will never forget the therapists saying in the beginning that my 70 year old dad was actually like 50 year old or so having a stroke.  He was in such good shape and for that reason alone he would do extremely well!  They were right............and the grace of our Lord!

If you want to be inspired and encouraged watch this below.  It is a miracle right before your eyes.  And the music - that is my brother!!!  Brain Hargis!

Thanks for allowing me to share!!!  This is my daddy!


Dori said...

Oh Leigh...kleenex is RIGHT! This is amazing. I hope that I'm THAT strong at 70!!!

Love you,

Valarie said...

God is good......

Thanks for sharing this and it sure makes me miss my Daddy but I'm so proud of how well your Daddy is doing and how hard your sweet Momma has worked too!!

Love you girl!

gemini said...

Love your post so mom is 74 and sometimes i worry a lot about her, forgetting that God is there all the time!

Anonymous said...

Oh Leigh- the tears of joy are flowning! I don't know if u realize it but in the upper right hand corner of your video, there is a light and part of the basketball goal that form a beautiful cross. It's when your dad first starts shooting baskets. Check it out. U are such an inspiration. God bless you and your daddy :) Trish Purcell