Monday, November 22, 2010

915 - R U ready?

Good morning - got a busy day and a busy week.  Definitely having ankle surgery on Dec. 8 and so I will not be walking like a real person for at least 6 weeks.  That means I must get some Christmas shopping done NOW!!!  But you know that really is OK - I like to get it all done and then relax!

Today Clay and I are heading over to Evansville.  He has a check up and I just thought I would tag along.  Makes me think of an older couple in retirement that goes too all their appointments together.  The future is so bright - i really do look forward to those days.

I spoke in Kenton, Tn. this weekend and had a blast.  I was able to take my 2 littlest with me.  They were wonderful.  We laughed and giggled so much!!  I love hanging out with them!  I want them to better understand what I do and feel more secure in knowing this is what God has called mommy to!

This event was not just bathed in prayer, it was smothered!!!  It was so wonderful!!  There was a group of young girls there as part of a signing team - INCREDIBLE!!!!  I loved having youth in the audience!!  But they were so awesome!!!  I hope to bring them to Illinois!!

This morning God reminded me of being ready!!  Acts 14:1 "...There they spoke so effectively that a great number of Jews and Gentiles believed!"  This past weekend I said something while i was speaking that was incorrect.  It was a terrible mistake and all was corrected, but it really "shook" me to the core!!!  One of the very reason I would walk away from speaking, even if it were disobedient, is the fear of portraying the Lord incorrectly or His Word in not a truthful manner!  It scares me greatly!!

I want and long to be an effective speaker!  I want to display the Word for the Truth and have His name made famous.  I want to bring glory to Him and speak in such a way that others are drawn to Him.  I want people to see Jesus working through me and His power made known!  I want to be ready and so effective that whether it is a planned engagement or a personal "street" encounter that He is made known!  PERIOD!!!

But to be ready and effective - you must prepare - I must prepare!!  And most of that preparing is on my knees through prayers!!!

God, thank you for your grace.  Thank you for the women that delivered grace and mercy to me that day when i spoke incorrectly!  Thank you for the one that showed my err.  Thank you for helping me and training me to be more effective!!!  Jesus, I want to do whatever and be available whenever!!!  Oh but Lord, help me to be effective in such a way that they BELIEVE!!!!!  I love you - amen!

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