Thursday, September 22, 2011

And here is what Knoxville thinks of them!!

My mom and dad have always been so faithful to exercising and staying healthy.  After his stroke on Dec. 8, 2009 - which still baffles the medical community because he is SO healthy - working out and "getting it done" is still part of their every day life.  They do everything together, I mean even more so now!!  This is beautiful article written by their workout facility.  Mom and dad are an inspiration to all they meet - even if you never meet them, but are just observing.  I have been to this place to watch them workout and do their thing.  All eyes are on them watching with anticipation and "hopefullness".  Sometimes their eyes say, "Wow, I cant believe this has happened."  And many other times the eyes say, "I hope I find someone to take care of me the way she does.  What a team!"  I hope you enjoy this article even half as much as I did!  Sorry the picture didn't copy - I will try again!  (Yes, I look just like my momma!)


Thursday, September 01, 2011 - Living the Healthy Life

Rob and Susie Hargis
Rob and Susie Hargis 
Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center is full of amazing people with inspiring life stories. As a staff member here, I have the privilege of meeting those people and sharing their lifelong commitments to healthy lifestyles.

From the first words out of Rob and Susie Hargis’ mouths, one thing is clear – this is going to be a truly great love story. 48 years of marriage and they still act and talk like a couple of teenagers in love. This great relationship is built on trust, love and dedication. They’ve also been dedicated to living active lives, even becoming Senior Olympians several years ago.

Senior Olympics is just one competition this active couple enjoys. Australia for The World Masters tournament in 2009 is where we set the stage for Rob’s great triumph. Competing in full court basketball, he brought home silver and gold. Susie, of course, proclaimed him the MVP! This past July, Susie competed in a 3-on-3 National Senior Games basketball tournament in Houston, Texas. While she and her team lost by one point, they did win the silver medal, and second place is still great when you are competing against thousands of athletes.

Time Out

On December 8, 2009, the Hargis’ fun and games came to a racing halt. Rob was exercising at the Fort when all of a sudden simple things became difficult to understand and the left side of his body started to lose function. He told Susie, “Take me to the emergency room.” Susie says she could tell something was wrong.

A trip to the ER revealed Rob had suffered a stroke. It would be devastating news for anyone, but especially for Rob, who realized his Olympic days were behind him. He spent three grueling months at Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center trying to regain strength and function on his left side. Now, after nearly two years of hard work, Rob has regained ankle strength and is hoping to have movement back in his left hand soon.

Getting Back in the Game

Rob’s therapy includes many types of treatment, including exercise at Fort Sanders. His exercise regimen has increased productivity in his other treatments. Through it all, Susie has been his cheerleader and sometimes even his coach. Together, they play a little basketball, workout on the weight machines, and walk on the treadmills. With each step the Hargis’ keep their eyes on the prize. For Susie it’s a victory in the next tournament. For Rob, it’s simply to improve everyday life.

Through all the wins and losses on and off the court, this couple has had a great sense of humor. They are always there to cheer each other on – working out as a couple, doing therapy as a couple. In fact, they take on life as a couple. Susie’s next tournament will be the Huntsman Senior Games in October. This time, Rob will be her coach.

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Sara G said...

Thanks for sharing Leigh. I had my stroke November 25, 2009 and still recovering my right side. Congratulations to your dad on his accomplishments! Encouraging for me to keep at it.
Tell him to keep at it! God bless!