Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not for the Weak!

Boy oh boy how i know this message to be true. What about you? Ever had to take a beating for the Faith? Love to hear how you got through? Thanks and much love!!! Leigh


Rebecca said...

Hey Leigh! Love this passage of Scripture! The Lord highlighted it to Cherie and me just this week. Thanks for sharing! My hubby and I have walked through false accusations a couple of times. Trust that the battle belongs to the Lord and that we belong to HIM is the only way we got through. And we did...gloriously. Because GOD poured out His glory on us.

Colleen said...

Leigh, This is so true! As a preacher's kid, I would have never, ever, EVER thought that I would be a minister's wife. But, that's the plan that God had for me.

I was blessed to have been brought up in a pastor's home and so I never felt like I was thrown in to the deep end of the pool. However, ministry is tough.

Thank you for the reminder that there is provision and peace along the way. And, thank you for the prompting to encourage those that are coming along side to hang in there and push through!