Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learn to Acclaim? Huh?

Oh Lord, Your Word has not left me empty this morning!  Thank You!

So many times my kids will ask, "Mom, when will I be able to pray like you and daddy?  When will I be able to shout out praises to the Lord and not feel weird about it?  When will this relationship of talking to the Lord not feel so weird?"

I understand their asking and actually appreciate their honesty.  I love their desire to grow and pray often this passion never leaves them - even though it looks very different in my older kids - appears invisible at times.  (I have had to really learn to be patient with that.  A wise friend told me you can not force a rose open before its time.)

15 Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,
   who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.  Ps. 89:15

I was directed to this Word from my Jesus Calling devotion this morning and really sat on it until the Lord spoke this over me; 

A relationship with ME is a learned thing.  It does not come naturally.  We have to work on it.  We see in Ephesians that Paul encourages us to "workout" our salvation.  That does not mean work for our salvation.  That means give it a workout like I gave my shoulders a workout yesterday.  UGH!  

We see the same thing here in this particular Psalm.  Do you see it - "Blessed are those that HAVE LEARNED to acclaim you".  There seems to be a learning process and possibly a learning curve.  

Notice at the end of the this verse it explains how learning to acclaim - applause, proclaim with enthusiastic approval ( - we have to walk in the light - consistently and habitually some translations said.  

Learning our relationship with Christ, learning to talk with Him, and learning for it to be more natural, will not come natural.  We have to work on this daily and that requires us praying, praising, and yes, reading.  It will come, you will learn, but you have to do IT - and it will look different for many of us. 

Lord, thank you!!!  Thank you for your patience as I learn to acclaim you!  Thank you for your teaching Word and the passion You have placed inside of me to push through the weirdness I had so long ago.  May all those who read this push through as well.  You are so worth it My Lord!!  I love You!   

Emmajoy sings in the talent show at 6 tonight.  and also for the whole student body today as well.  She is excited!  I am scared!  ha  Tucker's team has won all their games this week.  Won the conference last night!!!  Yeah!  SJ and EL are cheering their little hearts out!!!  Things are good.  

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