Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's glance at the week

Lord Jesus - you have given my family a very exciting and busy week ahead.  We have 3 baseball games this week alone.  That right there makes homework tough and all the other things that the girls want to do.  There are times it seems like Tucker's events rules the house.  But the girlies are good about supporting him.

On Wednesday Emmajoy will be in a talent show at her school.  She is singing the Carrie Underwood version of I'll Stand By You.  Yeah - that is what I thought too - cant you start with a tad bit easier song??  But actually she sings it pretty well.  She is feeling it!!  ha  (Mom, I will tape it and post it on here or Facebook.)  She also made student council this week.  Her daddy helped her write the speech and I helped with all the other crafty stuff!  I had so rather help with speech.  lol!

Sarahjane and Elleigh both have gymnastics and cheerleading this week as well.  We have to fit that in during the games.  I am thankful for my friend Nathalie that is so willing to help me out in a pinch!  There have been a lot of pinches since school has started!!

This weekend I'm traveling to Washington, In. to speak to a group.  I'm very excited.  It is a small group of 60-70 ladies, but that usually means a lot more fun and intimacy.  I will be speaking on "What Does God Require of Me" based on the scripture Micah 6:8.  One of my favorite messages.  It will be a weekend of having another stand in the gap for Clay and I.  He will be traveling home at the same time I am to be there.  It happens like that often, but we have some great sitters to help us out if need be!

Lots is going on with Speaking Thru Me Ministries.  This week I am fervently praying Ps 90:17 "May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands - yes, establish the work of our hands."  There is a really cool opportunity on the horizon and I want to know if this is something STMM is to be part and ask for the favor of the Lord to be all over it!  We shall see!

Lots of feelings and thoughts.  But this i know to be true - I am serving the Lord.  I love the Lord.  He loves me.  He is my judge.  He is weeding out my schedule to refine my "business".  Lord, establish the work of my hands!

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