Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I saw the unseen!! Incredible day!

Lord Jesus, going to a Children's hospital is not always my favorite thing to do.  #1, I'm there for a reason - there is something going on with one of my children and so therefore that is always reason for concern.  #2, the other families are there for a reason as well.  Many that you run into look very sick or their parents have the face that tells all.

At the same time it is a very tough trip, I am always brought to a very grateful place.  It is as if I am saying thank you in my mind the whole time I am walking from one room to the next knowing that the particular stages of sickness that are so visible in so many of the kids we have not entered into.  Thank you!!

Much like always, we didn't park in the most convenient location and had to do quite a bit of walking to get to our building.  Passing the patients outside still hooked up to all kinds of medicines AND smoking was something that Sarahjane could not understand.  "But mom, if a doctor is making them stay in the hospital, cant he make them not smoke too?"  I thought she had a very good point.

The further we got into our journey I began to think about each family represented.  This was the last place anyone would have ever chosen to spend even a small amount of time.  No one asks to be sick or even given something that is curable.  Sickness, in any form, is not something we as humans raise our hands to be chosen for.  BUT, i saw the unseen.  I really did - it was not visible, but I saw it!

18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Cor. 4:18

As i passed each family I allowed my mind to go to a place where there would be no sickness.  A place where no doctors would be needed.  A place where there would be no pain - no need to even draw blood.  A place where the sick would never cry again and those giving care would never cry as well.  

The Lord allowed me to envision Heaven and these precious lives walking, running, playing, singing, jumping, and even sitting.........at peace.  I quickly took my mind to a scene in Heaven when some day when both my dad and I will meet up on the corner of Gold Street and run to worship the Lord Jesus.  He will hold my hand with his left hand that will be fully functioning and we will together RUN to the Father as fast as we can - no cane, no delays, PERFECT.  

For now I saw the unseen.  But someday I will see AND experience the unseen all at the same time. I pray for those families that are living in the seen, that have no hope of the unseen.  I pray they come to find the hope that will help them make it until they see the unseen!  Lord, may they come to know the one that freely gave His blood once and for all.  May they all come to know and trust The Doctor!  May we fix our eyes on You!  I love you Savior!  

PS - Update on Sarahjane - the doctors are running more tests on her thyroid.  They also are doing a test to find out what stage of growth her bones are in.  All in all - the doctor had no serious concerns.  Praise You Lord!!  

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Cherie said...

This is a tough one, Leigh. Not sure if you know, our daughter Samantha has cerebral palsy and seizures. Sam and I have spent our share of time in the children's hospital. Though Sam's needs are really hard at times to deal with, spending time in the hospitals with other kids and parents helps us to appreciate the things we don't have to deal with. This really does help to bring a healthy perspective on our situation and helps us to keep moving forward in peace and joy.

Praising God the report you received on SaraJane is good. :)