Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am so Amazed

Wow, Lord, I am still so amazed at my study of Daniel. It is incredible and just so involving. I possibly studied 2 maybe 3 verses today and it was about overwhelming. To think this was all prophesy to Daniel, but is history to me it absolutely astounding! You are coming, just as You said, but in Your time. We can not predict any of that. But now i am waiting and watching more than anything! Make me a Daniel, one ready to receive Your words and specifics of life!

Yesterday I was suppose to speak to a Stonecroft group again, but Elleigh got the throw up thang and was unable to go. Clay had to be gone some last night and i could not have any sitter come over with her still throwing up! Today is still the same issue. I have already cancelled with them as well. Only today i have all the kids home with me since they are not going to school. So it will be quite a task taking care of Elleigh and keeping everyone else happy or at least content! We need to be completely well for Thanksgiving at my mom's! Who wants to be sick and not at your own home. And who wants another throwing up in your home!! Thank You it is my mom's and not a stranger! I hope today is our last day of it!

Lord Jesus, I lift up Clay to you. He had a yucky mole removed and for the last 2 weeks we thought everything was fine. But they called him back yesterday to tell him something. It was at the end of the day and he was to call back today. I know he did not sleep well and can worry himself to death. Lord, ease his mind. May it be nothing at all. Allow him to feel Your presence and sense Your peace. May we sing Your praises as we get a "nothing at all" kind of report. We will sing Your praises anyway, I promise! Lord, my honest thought is that this is not real good timing. But i know my ways and thoughts are not Yours as goes the same with Your timing and mine! Lord, You are sovereign and I will trust in You! Guide us and heal us and keep us!

Thank you for Your work in my life - thank you for your presence in my life, and thank you for your forgiveness!! I feel so unworthy of your grace and mercy, but shout a big thank you for it all. Thank you that no matter what i have done i can still approach the throne with confidence and boldness to receive that mercy and grace. Forgive me Lord, oh Lord forgive me! Clean me out and make me whole! I will trust!

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