Tuesday, January 16, 2007

221 - Poor Pitifully Puffed Up

Lord Jesus - Thank you for a great day yesterday. I really enjoyed lounging around and hanging out with Chelsea. We almost got the wallpaper scraped off. It is a real chore, but almost complete. I don't have much time so i need to jump right in my QT.

I Samuel 9:14-25. This is where God tells Samuel to go and find Saul to tell him about the upcoming anointing. Saul responds in a way that is indicative of the rest of his life and definitely a heart issue. He responds with humility, but really masked as pride. He questions Samuel about the people that he comes from and if he can really fulfill the call. The writer noted that we are going to see this little poor pitiful me insecurity puffed up into a madman eventually. His insecurity will drive him to his death and all in the name of "I am not good enough, but yet i deserve that......". Yikes!!

Lord, responding to praise and compliments are tough. You want to say thank you and always should, but more times than not i find myself belittling the compliment or down playing whatever the reason of the compliment or something like that. I know we should all say thank you and praise the Lord. But what i mean is that i give an excuse for having done well or say that i got lucky or something such as that. I don't want to seem prideful. But what i have learned today is that doing the reverse is being prideful as well. Instead of immediately giving the Lord the praise, by excusing a good deed, performance, meal, etc. you still are having the focus on you. We want the focus on the Lord. I knew one lady that was so good at building God up for all the good she did. Bonita Harrell. She always gave God the glory and just left it at that. She never had a poor pitiful puffed up heart.

Even when we don't mean to divert the attention from the Lord it still happens. It is all part of the maturation process in becoming more like. Him. Oh Lord, help me. Help me to give You glory and not discounting the compliment or diverting attention. Help me to naturally praise You and give you all the kudos. My insecurities, like Saul, can totally destroy my walk, my heart, and my influence. I want You, Lord. I want to walk like you, and talk like You, and be close to You. May my confidence be exploding in You and for You.

Father, help me to be more patient with Tucker. I seem to be on his case quite often. He is such a great boy, but a bit selfish many times. I have great expectations of him and too lofty at times. I see a mature young boy instead of the 8 year old he is. Help me to be patient and understanding. Help me to keep my cool and not be so demanding. Lord i want him to love You, but i can't expect him to be in love with You right now. Help us to train them all to follow You and hopefully stay on that path. I just want the kids to know how much joy there is in following You, but i guess i need to live out that joy around them. Help my attitude. I want to be a great mommy. I love you -

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