Thursday, January 18, 2007

223 - I Can't Wait!

This morning Father - i hit snooze, but actually hit "off". Ugh - I needed to get a jump on today because i leave tomorrow morning, but here i am. But thank you for your Word this morning.

I Samuel 13:6-16 - Everything was falling down around Saul. I mean his men were scattering and things were not going in a positive direction as far as war was concerned. He panicked. Oh my oh my - I have been there many times. I sense a direction God is telling me to go and then it gets closer to the "appointed" time. I don't see His work - note: His work is not always visible for my little eyes to see. He is much bigger than doing everything so we can see. - and this is when the panic begins to set in. Well, since i don't see Him in this just yet, what will happen if i just help out a little bit? What will happen if i go ahead and make that call? What would happen if i go ahead of God all in the name of trying to do His will. Bottom line - disobedience.

Saul was told the instructions of the Lord through Samuel. Go to Gilgad and wait for 7 days. Then Samuel will show up and offer a burnt and fellowship offering before they go into war. The 7th day had arrived, but Samuel had yet to show up. Saul's men were scared and retreating. Saul knew the instructions to wait, but also knew what Samuel would do when he got there. So Saul went ahead and offered up the offerings himself. He did the job that was only to be done by a priest - definitely not one that had blood of another on his hands! It was only partial disobedience right? It was only a little flub-up. It was only just a little helping. Bottom line - disobedience!!!

Verse 11 is a sad indication of Saul's leadership as well. He blamed everyone and took no responsibility. It was his men's fault and also Samuel's fault for not showing up sooner. I don't know if Samuel was actually late or if he was just not there soon enough on the 7th day, nevertheless, he took things into his own hands because he just couldn't wait.

Once again - i hate to see so much of Saul in my life - but i have been there. I just couldn't wait and took things into my own hands. I just couldn't wait to see what authorities in my life decided so i moved on ahead. I just couldn't wait to see how the Lord would work things out and so i just did a few things on my own. It is disobedience!! Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord, please forgive me. I know i am not very patient. I want to be more like You, change my heart. I remember back in I Sam. 10:6 how you changed Saul into a different person. Lord, i know the day you came into my heart you made me a different person - maybe not so evident at that time since i was so young, but you made me different than what i wold have been without you. Lord, praise You. I know you can do it, make things different and new. Lord, keep training me and allow me to be good learner. Make me different today than i was yesterday. Help me to wait on you and never say, "I just can't wait." I am excited for the future, but i don't want to jump ahead or even "help" You out. Take control Father! I love you!

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nicki k. said...


Your entry today spoke VOLUMES to my heart as I'm in a long period of waiting for God to show me exactly what to do! I'm always trying to "help God out". You are so right, that is disobedience! Thank you!