Wednesday, February 28, 2007

260 - Sarahjane

Lord, I come to you for wisdom this morning. On Sunday I went to pick up Sarahjane from her wonderful SS class. The place she goes while we have worship and service. The teacher pulled me to the side and made a comment that Sarahjane had asked to be saved that morning. I immediately was shocked and said, "Really?". She said,"Oh yes and I really believe she was very sincere. " It is not her age that shocks me, my other 2 were around the same age, a little older, but that Sarahjane would ask to do that without me there. She is the shyest of all 4 and really relies on my encouragement and guiding.

So Sarahjane has been asking a to about being a Christian "like Emma and Tucker. Mom, I want to be your sister too." So i would ask her questions to see if she has any level of understanding, and there is none. She can not really tell you why we need to be a Christian, just that she wants to. No understanding of sin or why Jesus died for us. Not much at all. But here is the kicker, as i was choralling my kids for the door, I bent down to hug SJ and asked her what she did in class today. She told me everything except that she had prayed to receive Christ.

At lunch and on the way home I questioned her again. She still never would come clean. This worried me. So many times i have told her she was just not ready. God would call her someday when she understood a bit more, but I just didn't think she was ready. I know - How can anyone know when someone is ready to receive the Lord - I don't know, but I do know my child.

I thought it was very interesting that she would not tell me. She did later after I flat out asked her. It means to me that she possibly still knew it was not her time, but she had a captive audience that would take her down the road. But at the same time - How do I know? It was very clear and obvious with the others. I know she does not have to have all the answers that is my responsibility in discipling her. But i need think there needs to be more of an understanding.

Father only you know. I will not have her baptised yet. That has nothing to do with salvation as far as confirming your salvation, just an outward expression of an inward decision. This parenting thing is so hard. Am I doing anything right? Am I training them to know You? Not just know you, but want to live for you? So often those that in the ministry have the worst kids - yikes that scares me. I do want my kids to behave, but even more so I want their motivation to be about Him. Guide me Lord.


Valarie said...

Oh Leigh as I read your blog I about flipped! Girl, you know how tender my heart is for my sweetums SJ but she has been on my heart HARD this week!! So many times, more than I could count, I have had something/someone remind me of her and each time have just whispered a prayer for her. I just love when the Lord does that. Girl, you know her well and you know Him well enough to know that it's VERY possilbe (after all, aren't ALL THINGS POSSIBLE?!;)) I love you and I love me some SJ so you just keep on with what you're doing 'cause though your tribe has it's querks, they love them some Jesus girl!!! You give my SJ a big squeeze from her "Ms. Valarie"!!!

Tracy Hurst said...

How precious! I love that we can hear from the Lord concerning our children! Although I am a new mom, I believe deep with each mom is a spiritual "knower." God is moving in your daughter and for that I celebrate with you. Many blessings my friend! Tracy Hurst