Tuesday, February 27, 2007

259 - The War Within

Lord Jesus- a few of my friends and I are waging war against fleshly desires. We are challenging each other to give up a few things for an extended time. It means war. Why, because to be truly committed and actually follow through it will be harsh at best, rough, and at times excruciating! But Lord, I am praying Phil. 4:13 - one of my favorite childhood verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Anything!!

Lord, I am so encouraged by many small details in my life right now because I feel like you have ordained this time of war. I read in I Samuel this morning chapter 27. This is where David set up camp right in the midst of the enemy and then began to irrationally attack various camps for no obvious reason, so the commentary says. He was just living in fear, frustration, paranoia, and panic for so long - killing and defending became second nature to him. He was in constant war. Similarly, our war never ends either. If you think it has, then you have probably let up and given into the pressure.

So as were asked to move to Psalm 10 - how they know this i don't know, but it is so cool - where David is writing out his feelings as a result of I Samuel 27. But in that Psalm one can hear such disgust for the enemy, fear that God is not going to come through, frustration with how things seem to be going (the bad guy is always winning), etc. He is really expressing to the Lord feelings that seem too honest at times, but I think ones God can really work with and prepare David for great things. Having a heart that is not real with God, even though He knows, and a heart that is hiding or being superficial i think only brings God disgust and "pass her by" kind of results.

But quickly in David fashion, he comes around at the end of the Psalm verse 17, and this is why I know God is in the details of my war against fleshly desires. "You hear, O Lord, the desires of the afflicted; you encourage them and you listen to their cry." David concludes that God may have him in a tough situation and actually at war, but David is confident that God responds with actions - He hears, encourages, and listens. And yes, the first and last are different. In my own war(s) the Lord Jesus hears how i want things to be different and my dreams for another day. The Lord Jesus encourages me in many different ways and I must be open to receive those Holy hugs. And the Lord Jesus listens to my cries on defeated days or days that i am tired and feel as if i can not fight any longer. He is always there to pick me up and deliver me away from the enemy. I just have to call on Him and claim the victory!

Verse 16 - The Lord is King for ever and ever. Enough said!! Amen!

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