Thursday, March 01, 2007

261 - Disobedience from Saul

Good Morning Jesus - This morning I find myself not studying the man of David, but Saul. It was a great lesson and one that i had many notes one from a previous sermon. I Samuel 28:1-14 is the situation of Saul getting scared of the Philistines and going to drastic measure to get a "word".

There are times in my life when I am in a situation that I begin to panic for one reason or another. Usually the panic occurs because there has been some disobedience and I am trying to figure out how to reconcile or "fix" the problem. That usually never turns out good. We find Saul in a similar situation. His "rock" had died, Samuel (even though he did not listen to him very often as of late), and so he was YOYO - You on You own! He came up against the Philistines and knew he was in trouble. The scriptures says he was afraid and filled with terror. Why was he scared, afraid and filled with terror - because he knew he was not living his life right and that the Lord had departed from him - there is no reason for the Lord to come through and certainly not bless. Even Saul realized his vast disobedience. "Disobedience facilitates fear" as seen in verse 5 - CLint Pressley. There is no real reason to live in terror and tremendous fear when you are living right and in His will.

Then because the fear was so great and Saul needed an answer quick, he did pray but there was silence! God did not just not answer, He would not answer in any form or fashion. God can speak to me in many many different ways. It is really important to understand how God speaks to us and how He moves in our lives. God had revealed himself to Saul in various ways - dreams, priest (Urim), and prophets. And this time would have been no different IF Saul was not leading such a life of disobedience. But disobedience of any kind cuts communication.

So if you add fear and lines of communication cut all as a result of disobedience you get desperation. Desperate times require desperate measures. But not with our Lord. This is not an uncommon occurrence in my life. I have been here. Because of all the above, you might find yourself doing things you would have never dreamed of doing. Saul does the unthinkable for a "christian king" or at least a follower of Yahweh. He calls on a medium, a fortune teller, a card reader, a phony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was desperate and needed to know his future. I don't think this is really what he wanted to know when he got the results. (Oh wow, that is another devotion right there.) I have never been down that road of fortune telling, but in desperation i have found myself making all kinds of promises, in conversations i should never be in, or worse.

Lord, I just want to live a life that is an honor to You. I don't like being in those predicaments and doing things in desperation. I want to live according to Your ways and give you reason to bless me and my family. I want to walk a very straight and narrow road and You be pleased. Lord, keep me in Your righteousness because on my own, I am nothing. Lord, I need You so badly and need Your purification. I want my thoughts to be your thoughts right off the bat. Lord, I need to retrain my mind. Lord, thank you for your grace and mercy. More and more each day I see Your deliverance and redemption on my life. I am astounded and amazed!! Lord, help me to confess things just as soon as they happen so that my communication with you is not disrupted. I give all my fears to you and want to live in Your confidence. I want to see You do amazing things. Not so much in me or through me - I just want to see You.

Lord Jesus bring our daddy home safely. Thank you for the ways he works so hard! We are so blessed. Thank you and I love you!

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