Tuesday, March 06, 2007

264 -Are We Serious

Dear Lord,

I received the following link from a friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INttODEPzp0

It is a wonderful interview of what Christianity should be. But the thing about this interview is that it is an Atheist that is telling the great things and realities about Christianity. It was very convicting.

I don't know, Lord, we don't take You serious. We don't live like You are coming back. We don't believe like You have ever done anything amazing in our lives. We don't live like You died for us. Why - why do You allow us to keep pressing on and keep going on if we never really appreciate, believe, or even live in a way that honors You? The obvious answer is mercy and grace that abounds in You - You are mercy and grace. I am not taking anything away from those wonderful attributes of the Lord, but in those things, I think there is more.

God could it be that you are waiting. You give all of mankind the chance to come to know You and so you are waiting until their opportunity arrives. In the mean time you are using even your worst vessels such as me to influence others towards You, creation to reflect Your glory, and situations to bring us closer to You. You could do away with us and have things the way they were before time began. But no, You allow us to hang on and hang around even though we may not be bringing you glory, even though we may not live in a way that believes, do things that say we are Your followers. Now that is mercy and grace. Lord, Your plans and ways are not anything I try to understand, but could it be that you are waiting for that last person to come to know You and Your salvation. My oh my - the patience of my Lord.

Lord, I want to be your "go to" girl. I have said that many times. I want to be the one You find faithful and can rely on. I want to be one that does take You serious. I want to be the one that does take a stand and Believes!! Lord, do Your work in me and help me to stand. Help me to be on my knees and lifting my hands towards the heavens! Help me to be working for You and not against You. I know You are for me and with You who can be against me - none!!! I want to be serious about this life and live for eternity! You are not my buddy and special friend - You are so much more. You are my Savior, Healer, Comforter, Physician, Redeemer, Passion, Instructor, Disciplinary, Lord, Almighty, Counselor, Peace, Grace, Mercy, - You are IT, You are my everything! I love you! Help me to die to me and live for You.

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