Wednesday, March 07, 2007

265 - Rights the Wrongs

Lord Jesus - thank you for a great morning and for meeting with me so early. It has been a great week of relaxing at least in my own mind (I still have been very busy cleaning, etc.,) because I have a few weeks off before another event. I do need to be preparing some other messages coming up, but I wanted to take this week and just rest. Thank you!

I Samuel 31 - Our man Saul has ended up killing himself because he was wounded so critically. So he fell on his sword so that when the enemies found him, they would not make such a sport of his body. They did it anyway, but he obviously didn't know it. Actually the Philistines, the enemy, cut off Saul's head, took all his armor, and then hung his body in a well viewed area. I guess kind of like a man would hang their deer head or duck or whatever you hang up that is dead. Yuck!

My commentary noted that Saul as a young king and early in his position rescued some people from the Philistines. These were the people of Jabesh Gilead. They heard of the tragedy the Philistines were making of Saul and felt obligated to go rescue his body and lay his bones to rest. They did just that. Basically they were trying to right all the wrongs done to Saul because of a loyalty to him.

I have to say that sounds much like my Jesus. Even while we are on this earth Jesus takes care of us and redeems and rescues us. There will be a time that Jesus rights all the wrongs done to us. He is coming back and He is not going to make sport of those that hurt us, but definitely going to make sport of the defeated one - the one that inspired those to wrong us or even made sport of us. This does not just have to do with obviously visible offenses, He is going to right all the wrong words spoken as well. I remember learning about this in the book of Daniel. He is the Judge! Oh how i love that and find such comfort and encouragement in that.

Lord Jesus, I stand (and type) in awe of you. I am amazed at Your Word, your love letter. Thank you for being a righteous judge and ultimate redeemer. Thank you for taking all i have done wrong to others and making it right. Thank you for the convictions on my heart and for the grace and mercy to still love on me. Thank you for Your forgiveness! I deserve nothing, but You have given me everything and all the riches of Heaven. Thank you! Thank you for making those words, misunderstandings, and out and out wrongs and ruling over them. You will see that I am redeemed and those things are made right. Only a righteous and perfect Judge and King could do that. Oh Father you are amazing and eternal. Thank you! I want more of You!

The church I was just at this past weekend has asked me to come back next year. How cool is that! There is a radio station within an hour of Norris City called WBVN - 104.5 on the dial. I found this station when i was in Charlotte and was kind of sad thinking it would be too far to get in my town. But nope - I get it loud and clear. I love it - they are awesome. They are not big on personalities of the station, but on music - duh!!!!!!! Why don't all stations think this way. So I wrote them a short note just saying how much i liked the station and how it was a blessing to me. I feel a connection and drawn to them. So the manager contacted me and asked that I would come on during their fundraiser time next week just for an hour or so and just be on the air telling of my story with them. I am so excited, It is going to be so fun. Thank you, Lord.

Off to a great day of working out, running, cleaning because my parents are coming to town on Friday, and playing with kids. It has been beautiful. Spring is being ushered in. My friends and I that are running together and have challenged each other weighed in on Monday. I lost 3 pounds!! Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!! Now if i can just keep it up.

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