Monday, March 19, 2007

276 - Dreams Come True

Sunday was an awesome day. A dream come true. I have always dreamed of all the neighborhood kids coming over to my house to play and goof off and having fun. I saw it come to fruition yesterday. My very reason for not wanting to live too far out... We had girls playing in the house, boys in the driveway playing ball, kids across the street playing hide and seek, boys chasing girls playing war, kids riding bikes, neighbors walking by to take one of mine on a walk with them........ Besides it not being warm or there not being homemade lemonade - it was perfect. That is what i dream of. I want all the kids to come here. Now i have to go grocery shopping!! But that is a good thing! Thank you Lord - praise You for blessing us that way. Hopefully we can buy another trampoline WITH sides and get a basketball court poured some day. Sure I would love to have a pool, but i think that be asking a bit much... ha ha

Church yesterday was incredible. The worship was awesome and yet very different. There was one lady that was waving a flag - I don't know the significance of that, but she was passionate and i guess her way of worshipping. There was another man that read some scripture that was powerful. He read the story about Elijah and Elisha parting the waters. Anyway, it allow a group of people coming forward and laying down a stronghold or situation that had gripped them for whatever amount of time. It was powerful. I have never been a part of anything like that, but I am so thankful to have been there. Our church is in the middle of its 40 day fast. God is doing amazing things and just bringing in people from all over. The church is more full than i have ever seen since the time I have been there. God, all glory is yours - let us be your hands, feet, voice, and display Your love!!

Chad about brought the house down with his preaching. God told him to step it up in his belief about what HE can do during our fast. God told him to basically claim the impossible. That would be those things that not in the realm of human possibilities, but are totally possible with God. He explained that the verse "with God all things are possible" "with" is like God acting as our agent. An agent is one that can take the things that another can not do proficiently. So God has gifted me in speaking, but He is my agent and only He can arrange appointments with women to be there at just the perfect time to receive a message and their hearts be forever changed. God is the only only that can get me into certain places to minister - Brentwood Baptist - that was God. At my level I should have never been asked to go there - on human terms. I mean Kay Arthur was there the week after i had been there - whatever............., that is crazy. Or another thing is the cruise. If that were ever something that I would be asked to do i would have thought many, many years from now. But when God is your agent - or "with God" all things are possible. He wanted those things to happen and so He moved in those situations on my behalf. Again on human terms, I should never have the type of speaking schedule i have without a published book. It just should not be, BUT WITH God all things are possible.

2 Samuel 5:6-12 - this brief scripture just states that David knew it was God that established him as king and allowed him many victories in battle. "With God all things are posible". He didn't understand many things, but this he did - it was God. vs. 10) "because the Lord God Almighty was with him". (But then check out verse 13 - there is another reference about having lots of wives and stuff. I know that was an accepted thing back then, but still not OK for a man of God. I think this is what you might call David's Achilles heel.) So the bottom line, there was still much that David did not understand, but he knew it was God. "With God all thngs are possible".

And that is the way I feel for myself. Lord I don't understand the blessings, I don't understand the trials, I don't understand the grace and mercy, and I don't understand the rewards - But it is You. It could be no other. It is only You and it is all about You. No matter what - good, bad, ugly, hurtful, pretty, fame, neglect - It is all to bring You glory and see You lifted high. May i be your instrument to bring You praise and glory. I love you. "With God all things are possible".

Lord, would you please deliver us an offer on our house today?? Protect Clay traveling. Keep healing my dad's back. Yeah to my mom and her basketball team for placing first in a tourney in Arkansas. Can you believe that - she is my momma, playing ball, and winning. Way to go momma! I want to be just like you! Uh oh - today is weigh in day... lost 6 so far in the last 2 weeks. Keep it going, Lord!! "With God all things are possible".


Beloved said...

Thanks Leigh, God really used your post to encourage my heart today. He's just fabulous like that! You just keep on believin in His great plan! said...

Leigh, Amen! With God all things are possible! He is such a good God. I love how God opens the doors that no man can shut! Many blessings to you this week! Tracy