Wednesday, April 04, 2007

293 - Uh Oh - Drama

He did it - the man David did it - he stole Bathsheba from one of his very own army man and got her pregnant. David was not where he was suppose to be and really messed up. This must be David's weakness - women and sexual gratification. He knows very well according to the Pentateuch - Mosaic Law- that having more than one wife and definitely adultery is wrong and has major consequences. So what was up with David. He was at the top of his game, he was at the pinnacle of his reign - why did he let this get him - why did he fall for this kind of sin???

I think we all have to be very careful when we are on top. I know for myself I have been a similar kind of deal on a very general level. I had been speaking for not too long and things were going awesome. I was receiving invitations left and right. Things could not have been better for one at my beginning level. Well, discontent settled in my heart over a situation and I began to let my voice be heard. My mouth can be one of my major weaknesses. I said things that should not have been uttered and to the wrong people as well. I may have felt the way I did, but I should have, if anything, told of my frustration to the person, not a third party. The situation grew and grew and before I knew it was way out of hand. Much like David's situation.

My consequences have been great. I hurt friends and I am sure my reputation as well. God has been so faithful to restore me and make me whole, ready for His service once again, but during that time I thought i may never speak again. I was on the rooftop just looking around not where I should have been. Satan set up the scene just perfect and I bit. David too was on the rooftop and was set up perfectly for a huge mistake. I think we at times think that Satan is in control of the whole mess when we really take a nose dive into sin. But i don't agree. I think many times we are doing what we are not suppose to be doing, could be just bored and idle, and then Satan just "kindly" makes the opportunity for us to fall into a trap. That can be on just a simple day of no quiet time and then we have no armor to fight the temptations or it can be making a really poor choice. EITHER WAY IT HAPPENS, WE HAVE GOT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE MESS!!!

On the other hand - what about our lady, Bathsheba? What in the world was she thinking? I know exactly what she was thinking and my devotion expounded upon it as well. She was impressed, enamored, flabbergasted, in shock...................... all those things when someone of any stature takes notice of you. I have no idea her spiritual walk. But any woman that day and today knows an affair is as wrong as wrong can be. Why was she bathing on the roof in the middle of the day - I don't know. I think that was a common place to bath, but during the middle of the day. Didn't she have work to be done or at least emails to return?? Maybe she was sad and having a relaxing moment thinking of her hubby off at war. Boy, did she get comforted or what - oh what a mess.

What are we willing to do for someone that impresses us? What measures are we wiling to go to just to have their favor? What kind of things are we willing to put aside just to have their approval and appreciation??? I am a approval seeker and like to impress or at least make someone proud. But what lengths am I willing to go to get all those things? At least on this example i am glad to report I don't know that I have much of an example - finally. But just give Him time and I am sure He will bring something to mind.

Bottom line for me this morning is - He is my Redeemer. He has saved me after great sin and disaster. He has saved me from great potential of disaster too many times to recall. He has saved me from the times that I wanted to be known by a person and willing to go to any lengths. He has saved me from my heart that wants to be loved and will do many things to get that love and approval. He has saved me and i am so sure not anything of myself could have help me. Father - I praise you and lift you on high! Thank you for your salvation and Your eternal grace and mercy. You gracefully take me back in each time I fall and you are merciful to keep me from stumbling on certain occasions. Thank you thank you thank you!

I think I am heading out to Evansville today. We leave for the beach on Saturday and I need to get things - i am not sure what. Clothes sound like the logical thing. ha ha But I will wait until i have worked out. Oh yeah - I was back up 2 pounds on my weigh in on Monday. Will it ever happen for me??? I don't know! I speak tomorrow night and Crystal is going with me. That will be fun. Still waiting to hear from the other churches. Lord, please begin to give me opportunities for fall and spring of next year please. It is cold here today - almost enough to make me mad, ha ha! I love the warmth! It is going to be a victorious day!

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