Friday, May 11, 2007

325 - Have some Guts!

Good morning Lord Jesus - i am sitting out on my screened in porch listening to the birds sing Your praises and talk about their days events of worm catching, bug finding, and patiently waiting as You provide their every need. Oh Lord, you are so good like that. I wish I could wait more patiently instead of just jumping to provide for myself. OH - I almost forgot - I am a normal one house owner kind of girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that??? We closed on our Charlotte, NC house yesterday and boy is that a relief. So hopefully in the next couple of months we can begin thinking about building on to our current home. Tucker needs his own bedroom. We are in a great location, great neighbors, and I have decided i just don't want to be way out in the country. (The real truth is that I don't want to build.) This town is the country to me so to remove myself even more from anything - no thanks. I like hearing a car every now and then. I like walking to the post office. I like running up to the Wonder Market. I like sending Tucker to Doug's if he so desires. I love neighbors! And I really like this house and being debt free. I know my taste is not cheap and so if we were to build i would have us right back to a Charlotte kind of house and I don't need that nor want that again! No thank you! So - yeah! We're done!

This morning I was reading in 2 Samuel 20:14 and following. This is where there was about to be a civil war break out and a WOMAN jumps out to take the situation by the horns. She is "causing" peace and actually has great success at it. At this point in my study, there are so many half-kids, step-brothers, "unloyal" fans, those that have defected back - the list could go on and on. But anyway, there are so many that I am having trouble keeping it all straight in my mind. But the bottom line for me this morning was the fact this lady possibly put her life on the line just to make a point and allow peace to rule the land just a few years more. Did she have to do that - No! Do we even have a name to thank her - no! What she looking for glory - no. She was just a lady on a mission and not afraid to get caught up in it!

There are many times I have to admit I want to get involved in things I probably have no business getting into. I am always the first one to want to open my doors to anyone needing a place to stay, I am always the first one wanting to give to a situation I have heard about........ I can be a sucker!! I am not trying to toot my horn or give myself props as i have heard my niece coin the phrase. I am just explaining what my first reaction is - just the way He has made me. BUT, in that generosity I have to be really careful I don't get taken. That is part of the reason the Lord has given me such a "even" husband and quite a questioning one as well. He has an unbelievable way of seeing all angles of a situation. I just see the tears in a person's eyes or the desperation in their voice and react................. Clay takes the time to think it out.

But at the same time I feel like there have been situations placed right in front of me or others and it was just too much to get involved in. Where is Christ in that?? I know of one lady that is reaching out to a young girl in a pregnancy situation with an abusive boyfriend just about to end it all. This lady lives across the country from this young girl in distress. The lady has her own sweet family and things are just hunky dory where she lives. Why would she step into such a mess and bring this girl to her home??? Why - why not let social services just get involved and take over. Why not just turn your head and act as if God never placed that before you? Why not just tell God you are afraid for your own families safety - He would certainly understand that, right? Why? Why? Why?...................................

Just as this lady stepped in to bring about peace in her country in 2 Samuel, we have got to have some guts and take a stand every now and then. God does not call us to rescue everyone and everything that crosses our paths, but there are some things He places right in front of us to do something about. Someone in a "nice" way told my friend that had just gotten back from a dangerous mission trip that she need not worry about the foreign dangerous places - we have our own mission field here in the US. OH that burned my b.u.t.t. (Don't tell I said that.) That is the problem with US Christians. We are fine with just going to church, giving a little bit of our money, and going on weekend beach mission trips. Now all of that is not bad, please hear me on that - someone has got to do it. Just like I have "got" to go on the cruise I am speaking on. But if that is it and we never get our feet dirty - is He glorified??? I don't think so much - Christianity is not for those with no faith, all fear, and no guts!!

Lord, you have really placed a burden on my heart this morning to do something......... I don't know what that something is, but I pray you will reveal in your own time. I don't want Clay and I to be ones that are scared to act. I don't want us to be ones that turn our heads to a situation that might seem a bit much for us. I don't want us to be ones to just a write a check and let that be our contribution. I want to do what you want us to do. If that is write a check, give us the faith to do so. If it is to take one in, allow us to know when and how. Oh Lord, I want to be more than just a US Christian. I want to be sold out and really available to You!! Show me, Lord.

Tonight I will be speaking at my home church - Crossroads Bible Church! I am really excited. All I want Lord, is to be filled with Your power and Spirit!

More purses coming later today!


Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by--it is great when God teaches us something so we can share it with others.
He sent us a 24/7 comforter--surely we can share a little of the comfort with other.
Loved your post. I love hearing the stories of the women of God in the Bible. It is sad that we don't hear about them often enough--they make great role models and open a horizon of possibilities for us as women.
I pray you sit down tonight so that our Father can speak to His people through you. May the wisdom of your words bring freedom to many.

Nise' said...

Praise the Lord that your house is sold and have had the closing! You are right that someone has got to do the work and we as Christians have go to quit looking to others to do it and be willing to go where He leads! Have a great night speaking at your home church! Happy Mother's Day

Patty said...

I am praying for you! You are hitting me where it hurts, I LOVE and I mean LOVE purses. Purses and shoes are my weakness. So, how much is the pink and brown one? Having a great night and I know God is going to be huge thru you.

Happy Mother's Day. :o)