Thursday, May 10, 2007

324 - Back At 'Em

Lord Jesus, good morning! I slept all the way through the night with no night sweats, no coughing fits, no needing of medicine, and not even needing to go to the potty. It was incredible. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord, this morning I read a few days at one sitting from my devotion. I have to say that I am not try to hurry through it, but I am ready to move on to another study. Ready for some New Testament or something. Been in 1-2 Samuel for forever!!! I have learned so much. Oh goodness - so much!

David was on the run yesterday and today his army has fought and killed his son's army and even his son, Absalom, was killed. David, finally after being virtually speechless about so many other things including his daughter's rape, is now saying what should have been said a long time ago to Absalom, only Absalom is dead. Little too late. So he is obvious very upset and grief striken. One of his "advisers" comes to him without any sympathetic"ness" about him and tells David, "If you are going to be king, then be king." He is basically saying, if you are going to lead a people and then expect them to follow you, again, then you have got to get it together and do it. My commentary made the point to say that this fellow's heart was all wrong, but his instruction was correct. There are times we must pull up our boot straps, kick our own rear, and get back out there. Up and at 'em or back at 'em - which ever works best for you!

Oh Lord, you have given me that holy excitement about ministry again. I have to say earlier this week I was wondering if it would ever come back. I will be speaking about Isaiah 58:11. It is different than what I thought i would delivering to them, but You do that sometimes! It could not be more appropriate for where my life has been the last 2.5 weeks. Oh Lord, I pray more than anything that I have learned something from this time. I know I have leaned on gracious friends and family to bring us meals, take kids, and then sleep multiple times throughout the day. I feel like such a loser for sleeping through the day, but it had to be done and often to survive. God you have been so patient with all of us. Lord, I pray that we continue to get us better. I pray this will be Tucker's last day of fever. I pray today with be huge stress relief for Clay as we close on the Charlotte house at 3pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoooooooooo!!!

Oh Lord, I praise You. I thank you for life and renewal. I thank you for your grace and mercy and patients. I thank you for all the wonderful people that have reached out to us in one way or another. I know You, Lord, must be so proud of Your church! Lord Jesus, renew everything about me. Give me more love for you, give me more passion for your Word, give me more excitement for prayer, and give me more energy to reach out to others!! I love you, Amen!


CrownLaidDown said...

Thanking God for you, Leigh, and with you! Praying for your talk this weekend today...May He fill you to all the measure of the fullness of Him!

Kristi said...

I am glad you are feeling better! I hope all goes well this weekend for you.

Valarie said...

Be sure to let us know about the house!

I'll be prayin for you this weekend. God is good, girl!
Love ya.