Wednesday, May 23, 2007

338 - On Our Face

Lord Jesus - in 1 Chron. 29:10-20. This is where David is praying together with the nation of Israel - how did they do that without microphones............but then again, how in the world did they build even half of all they did back then. But anyhow - verses 10-13 is what I call the Crown Ministries verses. It is about everything being God's and everything we have comes from Him and we just need to live with open hands allowing Him to take and give constantly. Hold tightly to nothing, but our salvation! I have never done that program or whatever you might call it, but I have heard a ton of great things about it.

Then David, still the king, goes on to just praise the Lord and lead the whole nation in a time of worship. I know most people can probably imagine that - but to have a preacher or leader for that matter lead everyone in a time of worship. I am not talking about just praise music and a prayer - David and his people got down prostrate, on the ground!!!, and worshipped. Holy cow, i think that is awesome. I have seen my preachers in the past worship and pray - but never to the point of getting on the floor or actually being very "visible" in their worship - I have never gone to a church where worship was much more than singing. What I mean, is my old church worshipped and the music was incredible - they had it all as far as equipment, etc, but as far as seeing a minister lift their hands or anything remotely close to that - didn't happen. I am not slamming them at all - just a southern baptist church with much tradition and they just hadn't gotten there just yet. I am sure it has changed even from the time I have moved.

If you have read this blog for any amount of time you know that I think the world of my current pastor and his wife - awesome people and lovers of the Lord, big time! Our church is short a worship minister and so our preacher, Chad, leads that as well. It is so special and maybe if we did have someone I wouldn't know this about Chad, but it is so special to see him worship. He is a huge 6'8 dude that is not scared to raise his hands, bow down, Praise, Praise, Praise - it is so beautiful! And his awesome wife happens to be about 6'1 - yep, tall kids - not afraid to worship as well. My whole point about this is....................when leadership is willing to let it all go and just be a worshipper as if it were just Jesus and them, it can lead to unexplainable revival because of the effect on those around! I am not accustomed to raising my hands, never spoke in tongues, or even bowed while others are standing - and I know most of this is because I have never let myself go there - held back - but, didn't see it from my leadership and so............. But now at my new church - they have taught me how to worship. And the leadership participates. I don't understand everything, but I know they really love Jesus and are seeking Him. The worship time is just an expression of their devotion and love!! It is beautiful! (Side note: I am not saying you have to "do" anything to wroship. Some people can just stand or sit and really praise. But I am just talking about what this scripture specifically says about getting prostrate, etc.)

The nation of Israel is taking their cue from the king, their leader. Oh how awesome would it be for President Bush to do something like that - i guess on TV or something. David was not a young thing at this point and as you recall he was not in the greatest of health. But it did not stop him. I assume he knew if others were going to follow, he could not just talk it - he had to do it!

This is speaking volumes to me once again about parenting. I can not just tell my kids to pray. I can not just tell my kids to worship. I can not just tell my kids to spread the Word. I can not just tell my kids to be nice. I can not just tell my kids to have faith!!!!!!!! I must show them!! David is imploring Solomon once again in this prayer to have wholehearted devotion - once again means uncut, undivided, unswerving - all for Him and none other! He also says of the whole nation in prayer - "God keep this desire and keep their hearts loyal to You." Oh Lord, yes that is it. Give, develop, grow a desire in my kids to love and be devoted to you above all else. May they be loyal to Your Word and Your calling on their lives. And Lord, as i do so often - keep me out of the way, don't let my desires and plans disturb what You got going on! That is hard and I am not sure I even understand the magnitude of that statement! But as of right now - I mean it with all my heart!

Lord, we have Tucker's first baseball scrimmage tonight - Clay is so sad he can not be there. Give Tucker precision with pitching and quick arms in batting. May his mind be in the game and ready to respond when the ball comes his way. I am going to the school to sale purses. I am just excited to be at the school and get to know everyone better and to make a few sales would be great too. Lu Lu, I think is sick. She keeps acting like she need to throw up or at least there might be something in her throat. She gagged all night and will not eat this morning. I guess we will take her back. She was fine yesterday, but when we came home from Courtney's is when i noticed she was not acting right. And Jesus - we are having such a time with SJ. She is constantly getting into trouble, getting into things, and just not behaving. What can I do with this specific child to make her understand - Lord, Help!!! I love you, Lord!


Holli said...

It is a pleasure to meet you! I'm so glad you stopped by. Sounds like your SJ is like my Tucker. He's so very impulsive and just has to learn things the hard way. It's so very hard. I pray for wisdom all the time!
I truly enjoy your blog and will be stopping by more frequently! Your love for the Lord is inspiring and I believe the Lord will show me things through it.
Good luck at Tucker's scrimmage! I prayed your prayer for you also. My Tucker has practice tonight and first game tomorrow. We're still in T-ball and start coach pitch next year. Have a blessed day!

Nise' said...

Great post today! Reminded to LIVE out my faith including the struggles before my kids, not just TALK about it to them!

If you would like to play along, I tagged you for a book meme. Check it out on my for fun blog.
No obligation whatsoever. Let me know if you post so I can come and check it out.