Thursday, July 12, 2007

393 - Farmer and Firefighter Gray exposed!

Today i taught the girls how to "shuck" corn. I think that is what you call it, but i am not sure if what i taught them was right. I know I am not making my cotton pickin' (and that would be literal) mom too proud. I really should know how to do this! She was amazing - she picked cotton at 5 or 6 years old and then walked to school up hills both ways in a lot of snow... Isn't that the story mom? - hee hee. Just kidding ya! But we did have fun, but found no worms...
Look at Sarahjane's face - it is tough shuckin' corn...

Start with green and then it turns yellow. But how do i get it to pop?? I bagged up some to give to the neighbors. I heard Sarahjane yell to Emmajoy, "Mom wants us to go sale corn to the neighbors." NOOOOOOOOOOOO, that is not what i said! Come back here!

You can barely see Maya, our BOY cat (he is going to need therapy for that name), stuck in a tree. The girls think he is shuck, i mean stuck, and have to climb any tree like a firefighter.

I am actually very proud of them being able to climb trees. Emmajoy is not scared to grab anything by the nape of the neck.... She learned it honest! The sissies were so proud of her rescue. She will be the talk of the street today!

One last thing - go to this site and tell me what you think of this T-shirt.
My friend from Girlfriends in God designed it. I might have already told you that once before. Patty was incredible and made it up in no time. I was asking her the specifics of another T-shirt she had made and then before i knew it she had sent me this one to think over. I loved it!!! Clay thinks this is my next step in ministry. The pattern on the front can be THE logo from which many things can be done. I am so excited to have his ideas and approval. I can sell these to help make others know about the ministry and help curb more expenses. So if you like it, let me know. If you want to prebuy one, let me know. I will offer them at $13 plus $5 shipping on a prebuy. Then after they come in they will be $17 plus shipping.

Seriously if you are interested, but not a commenter (oh how i wish you would graduate to commenting club. I want to know who you are out there lurking around.) email me at If you are just so prompted by the Holy Spirit my paypal account name is That would be a really cool surprise.

Love to all of you lurking around on this blog. I can tell you with all my heart - even though it is not too pretty at times - I do want to serve Jesus and nothing else. At least that is my heart's cry. These silly ideas of purses, T-shirts, DVD, CD, etc. - it is all about Him and it is all Him. I could have never thought of these things on my own! So I guess i should not call them silly.

Talk to you soon - please leave a comment!


Shelly said...

LOL!!! I am so proud!!! I am sure your Mom would be too!

1) Your girls are absolutely darling!!!!!!!!!!!
2) As are you and that tan! Girl!!!
3) The cat in the tree picture - I'm still laughing over that one.

Carol said...

The t-shirts are adorable! But them corn-shuckers put the shirts to shame. Too cute!

Deborah said...

Leigh you are such a beautiful woman and your girls are so very precious. come over to my blog I have done a tag thingy come and get the questions and lets find out some fun things about you. love always have a fab weekend. me

Sharon said...

I am delurking. :)
Love th pictures. I just did some shucking a week or so ago. Cut all the corn off the cob--blanched it all and then bagged it and froze it. I felt like a real country girl. I also peeled some peas and froze them.
I did find some worms!
But no time for fishing--too bad.

Dionna said...

Fun to see pics of you!

Abby said...

hey friend! your little ones are just beautiful! i used to shuck corn with my grandma (well, ok, i did it once....but it makes me feel more like a true souther gal--as if my accent wasn't enough)
we used to "shell" peas that the right word for that?! oh i am showing my ignorance... ;)

hope you're having a great day!! i really hope this living proof blog-section event works out because i want to hug your neck! keep on doing your thing girl...God bless!!

Connie Barris said...

I thought you were going to say life shucks.. oh my your momma would shoot you... that was too cute..

isn't that what life is all about... the good ol days... I'm so exhausted over technology... malls... etc...

these are just precious pictures..

love the shirts


Nicki said...

Hey girl! WHAT A HOOT that Emmajoy!! They look so cute! I love your t's they came out great! Glad to hear things are going good! Have a great weekend!

Irritable Mother said...

Hey, your mom and mine must have been neighbors. My mom made that same walk to school!

I like the tee, too.

My brother suggested I should make a shirt that says Irritable Mother and have one of the sleeves sewn closed. He's such a funny guy!

AKat said...

Thanks for stopping by, Leigh! What a cute site you have. I have been a blogless blogger this week! So much going on... Hopefully I'll have something cute up soon, like you have here. I love that your girls can climb trees. love, Anna