Sunday, July 15, 2007

394 - Blogging Challenge

Hello - everyone!!! I write this blog post with much fear and trepidation. How dare you think for one second that I am pregnant or moving across the world or saying good-bye to motherhood. No, no, no - it is not anything like that. But as i was running my thoughts by my friend as we were running (we are up to 5.2 miles, yeah baby) I told her I needed courage!! She spoke courage into my life that morning and so i press on here!

The blogging world for many of us girls is so many different things. For some fun and excitement, for others a release, for some a way to make money, and for others a journal of sorts. I dare to say that all of us are wanting our blog to be positive for its readers and hopefully impact them in some way and most of the time for the good.

The Lord has convicted me about my words about others on my blog. There have been times that I have made references to others that I am sure no one else would know who I am talking about and so therefore I felt safe saying it. Not gossip or I didn't view it that way, but then again I am not sure I would have said it in their presence! Another way i might justify my "typing" words is knowing "that" person doesn't read blogs or doesn't ever come to mine. So as i try to challenge the blogging world, please know that the Lord has first convicted me in my own life and asked that I step it up just a level or two!!!

I not only go to my favorite sites everyday, but I surf far and wide to learn more and more about others and what God is teaching them at the time. Please note: just because you are listed on my side bar does not mean i am directly talking to you. It is interesting the themes seen over and over in women's lives that don't even know each other - like God has us working towards the same general perfection - obviously to be like Him, but also perfecting something that is similar in women of today. Here is where I see the problem.

Marriages, friendships (past or present), family, co-workers, teachers, etc........... In whatever area we are writing about we must assume to things: 1) HE is reading and watching the whole time we are typing and 2) assume that the person or relationship you are talking about is going to read without a doubt. The one I see so often is the husband thing. Putting down, complaining, belittling, degrading, etc. even in the smallest degree. Yes, we are putting it on our personal blog and so you would think that gives some sort of right to say whatever we want, but that happens to be on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

When the Lord convicted me I wanted it to just stop there. But He was pressing me day in and day out to make a WWW challenge across the blogging scene. The final straw was in my Beth Moore study this past week. Session 6 was about the power of the tongue and how we speak life, etc. One of Beth's first statements in the video was "not share in ANY way about someone that would not desire you to do so" - or something along those lines. And now this whole week is about the mouth, tongue, Word, and our words! Coincidence? - no way!!!

Ladies - i tend to just go to blogs of women - I am praying we all step it up a level. One of my favorite verses is Ps. 19:14 "May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer." Words of my mouth is obvious, what comes out... But it is the meditations of the heart that I think so often comes across in our posts and they too need to be pleasing in His site! You may be thinking - but i am not in ministry - oh yes you are!!! If you blog, anyone who comes to your site is an opportunity to minister. If you go to the store, there too is opportunity to minister! None of us can get away from that!

I can not end this post without asking for personal accountability. I can not say all this and not expect you to call me on my times of disobedience. Please do, i beg of you! I may not know how bad your life is or what you perceive as a bad life, but neither does anyone else that is reading our blogs. I want excellence in my life and according to the beginning of time - God has blessed women with the power of influence. That can be good and bad! Let's seek excellence. Am i saying we have to write happy, cheery, and not ever be real? Oh No!!!!!!!!!!! I would have to stop blogging if that were the case! But we do not have to defame someone else in our bad mood over the WORLD WIDE WEB. Can i stress that enough? - WORLD WIDE WEB! If you have to write about something or someone in a unpleasing manner - do it on paper and then burn it!!!!

God does not just want our words to be pleasing, but the very meditations of our heart! I want to challenge everyone within the sound of my keyboard to take this challenge and then pass it on. If you feel His leading to be challenged I pray you will leave a comment so that I can pray for you by name! I love you my sisters!!! Pursue excellence, pursue HIM!


Shelly said...


I was meditating tonight over the influence of women (thinking about Samson's wife who enticed him). Though clearly this wasn't in a good way per se, I just kept thinking about how I was stewarding the gift of influence that God gives women.

May He be the One who tends to our soul, so that our lips may praise Him. May we not curse man (or gossip, or be sarcastic towards, or slander, or degrade) and praise God out of the same lips!

Our words are either full of grace and edifying or NOT. Ephesians 4:29 is a KEEPER - Go let that one attach yourself to your forehead :) Thank you for this one. And I'll do my best to keep an eye on it :) But it would only be a humbling privilege.

Deborah said...

Leigh shooting straight from the hip! Girl you inspire me! I got your back on this one. love always me

Kim said...

AMEN, Leigh. I have been so cautious from the beginning to avoid fact, hubby said recently.."I have been reading your blog, honey." and I said, "Well, what do you think?" and he said, "You analyze spiritual things a lot more than I thought you did and you speak so highly of me." You see, words of affirmation do matter - even when they are posted on the web. And when we are writing, we are reflecting on those things that are deepest in our hearts. Thanks for the challenge today - Press on girl!

Lisa said...

Leigh, I have been challenged today or shall I say convicted in a sort of matter. When i read your post I thought 'OH MY, do I say tthings in my blog to bring someone down. I know God has been dealing with me, not necessarily with GOSSIP but the way I talk TO to people in general. Thanks for the challenge.

Laurel Wreath said...

Amen sweet sister.

jen said...

Good good word. I have to admit I've been lurking for a few days. :) I am enjoying reading your blogs though. I have a hard time keeping my mind focused on upwardly things. I think as women, because we are problem "fixers" we try to think of every way to fix things (or each other!) rather than seek God first. Our minds are so busy, we forget that God is right there waiting for us to focus on Him and His will. I love that study by Beth Moore. You're in an awesome week! It was definatly a HUGE time of self reflection for me, and self awakening! Hugs from Tx.

Irritable Mother said...

I'm agreeing with you, too, dear sister!
In my blog and in the words I speak to my children, I want to be spreading life, not death!

ange said...

Thank you for always giving it straight as it is! You are such an inspiration and I appreciate your honesty. I pray that I can be an accountability partner with you. Please call me as it is.... I tend to get on a soap box, help me not fall off and break my neck
love you and come to Texas SOON

Valarie said...


The Father will bless your courage! I love ya and thank you for calling each of us to step it up! IT'S WAY BEYOND ABOUT TIME!!!!

Love ya girl.
PS. Have I told you lately how HOT my man is on those drums?! hahahahahahaha

Sharon said...

I agree.
I don't think I have been on any blogs that I caught doing this. How sad.
If I wouldn't do it with my mouth-I shouldn't be doing it with my fingers.
Thanks for keeping our toes tender. :)

Profbaugh said...

Oh Leigh,

I agree with you so much. It's amazing to me to read "negative" ramblings on Christian women's blogs. One of the things I set off from the start to do on my blog was to remain positive.

You know, the secular world seems to be catching on to this, although in a "WARPED" way--through "the secret" (law of attraction)--which focuses on what you put out you attract back to you. Now while I may diagree with the basic underlying philosopy of "the secret" they've at least stumbled on a basic Biblical truth (just wish they knew that!) that you've articulated so well in this post. We, as Christian women NEED to understand and embrace your challenge. So, I'll just add, "You Go Girl!!" Keep on reminding of all of the Truth.

Crazy for Christ,

Connie Barris said...

I am right there with you.. I have actually quit going to some blogs for this very reason...

I have deleted comments that are inappropriate... and don't feel bad about it..

I have to remember that it is about honoring God... period

amberburger said...

sweet friend! thanks so much for writing on our Sudan blog! (His Voice for Sudan) We have an Official Website if you would like to check it out. It is on the site you can find all kinds of ways to help and most importantly how to pray for the children. We are delighted that you wrote us and are excited about this connection! I am not sure how you found our blog, but i saw on your blog that Ergun Caner is linked and my husband is Emir Caner's(his brother) researcher! small world! Thanks again for writing!

RealEstateGirl said...

...wait....I still can't get past the you were running AND talking with your girfriend at the same time!!!

I can't walk up a flight of stairs and have a conversation at the same time! huff and puff!!! ha ha!

Seriously, though, preach on, sista!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Leigh! I do not have a blog, but I do read several on a regular basis (found through lpm) and feel so sad at times at the negatives comments that come through about spouses and other people. It all goes back to the beginning, in the garden, and the original sin. I've been thinking a lot about Eve since May of this year and studying her life and actions. Quite eye opening and makes one examine her own walk with the Lord. Thanks for allowing God to speak a word through you to teach us all to be slow to speak (or type) and quick to hear. Have a God day! In Him, Patti

Shonda said...

Thanks for this post. I read it on Monday. On Tuesday while out I was faced with the challenge of how I would handle my words. It is very easy to slip, blogging or in person. The words from your challenge stayed in my mind during this time and I just wanted to thank you. Words can be damaging and hurtful and we should all strive to build one another up in the Lord.
Blessings in Christ!

Toknowhim said...

I wrote a post not to long ago about Gossip, and quoted the verse about the tongue having the power of life and death..

Here is the link if you want to read it

Thanks for the reminder about how we go about posting on the WWW.

Blessings Leigh, Kim

Melissa May said...

Hi Leigh! I saw your comment on Beth Moore's blog and I love what you said here. Amen and Amen... I'm sure I'll be back.

Another Blogging Sister,