Tuesday, July 17, 2007

395 - Bless You

Up and at 'em today. It is early, well not so much now, but when I started. Got a BUSY day ahead of me and had to make sure I started it with Him! Oh was it so good too!!

This morning i learned about the Lord Almighty blessing us. Oh Lord, can i just tell you thank you right now? Thank you! Wow! I learned about the word eulogeo which means "to have God speak a good word over us. to bless to speak well of." Another definition, more complete, was "Of God toward men, to bless, to distinguish with favor... When the subject is God, His speaking is action, for God's speech is energy released." Are you with me or have you done a complete dance and are just coming back to the computer. I am with you - just dance girls!!

Lord, I can hardly believe what I have learned this morning. You speak behind our backs and it is blessing over us. On Wow - if i can only do the same thing for all those around me. Lord, I know there are many days when you have to search to find a good thing to speak over me, but thank you that only you can see my full potential and what the end will be. Oh Lord, I just want to praise you. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. You speak and it energizes - you speak life to the very marrow of my bones.

J. Vernon McGhee says that the providence of God can be described as "the way God leads a man that will not be led". Now how cool is that. A quote from Beth Moore, "Part of God's blessing over our lives involves the following: 'to act in man's life and accomplish His purposes instead of allowing men to have their own way.'" Now that is worth really cuttin' a rug. He not only has the power to control my steps, but it just takes His spoken Word to do so and it involves a blessing to make that happen. I don't mean to infer that we are getting something like some trinket in that blessing. The very blessing itself is the act of stopping us from doing something out of His will or even destructive in our lives. SO when God does not allow something in our lives it may not be that we have been disobedient it could be that He actually has spoken a blessing over our lives instead of allowing us to follow our own ways. Oh yes, I love that!!! Speak it Lord, protect me with You blessings!! I soooooooo need it!!

Lord, I thank you for so often speaking blessings over your women of God - your go to girls. Thank you for keeping us from our own destructive ways. Help us to take your lead and do more blessing of one another than tearing down. Let all those that come in contact with us leave with a blessing of SPOKEN word. May they never leave wondering if we want the best for them. Oh Lord, our families and husbands - Lord, help us to bless them. Lord, may we give and give and give until we are blue in the face - that is exactly what you have done for us and still speak in our lives!! Thank you! I need to write my hubby a love note today!

I want to bless you Father! Bless your Holy Name. Oh Lord, from before creation you were good - you have always been good. You spoke and that is all that has to happen. Thank you, Lord for your control of this world and the control you have over my life. Lord, you are awesome and I stand in awe of you! Lord, you are so highly esteemed and just absolutely gorgeous in your creation. Thank you for the beautiful creations in my house that are such a joy. May I appreciate them more and more. Oh Lord, Savior of all and over all - you are it! You are my Rock and fortress. You are my salvation and my Redeemer. You are my glorious one to brag about and to. Lord, you are it!! I am so in love with you, but Lord I want more! I want to know you more and I want to love you more. I want to be more of a blessing to You. Oh Lord, do your thing. Speak over me and bless me from those things that I need kept from. Oh Lord, I am ready to go to the outer edge with You - let's go! Lord, I give you my life and i give you my heart. Let's go Lord. Take me to a place with you that my desires cease. I know we have such a work to do on my heart - do it Lord. It will be miraculous and I can not wait to tell others about it. Bless you Lord, my encourager, my strength, my shield, and my all!!! I love you!

Kids are going to Big Time Tuesday today. I think they are going to Evansville again. Elleigh and I are not going to go since i have so much preparation to do with speaking tomorrow. I fly out to Charlotte tomorrow and speak that evening. I am really excited. This time Tisha is going to pick me up and we are going to either eat a Carraba's or Zaxby's. Neither one of those are over here so I can not wait. I am so excited to hug her neck. Then I leave Thursday morning at 6am. That is a true friend to take me to the airport at 4:30am!!! Oh I have so much to do. Thank you Lord. I want to hear you today!

PS - if you didn't read the blogging challenge - please read the post below. thank you


Lisa said...

Don't it feel awesome when you know he has spoken directly to you. He will speak over us but we have to be STILL AND LISTEN. So hard for me to do sometimes. Have a great day !!!!!!

Love ya girl,

Laurel Wreath said...

I love J. Vernon McGhee, listen to his thru the bible everymorning =)

Have a great time in Charlotte!

Nicki said...

Wow.......I'm with you just WOW. That is such an amazing and comforting thought to know that God is behind us! You know, I've posted lately God has said a whole lotta No NO no NO no and MORE NO and I was really starting to wonder WHAT IS UP??? But, I see now.....oh I see what it truly means to wait upon Him and to NOT give up when all you get is a bunch of no's.....it means that he's got something big ahead and BETTER than we could ever imagine! Whoo hoo dancing with ya girl!! =)

Shelly said...

I cannot get past the fact that when He speaks, He acts. That alone is enough for my heart to wrap around still...

And I agree with you in the spirit girl! May His blessings keep us and protect us! I love it!

Can't wait to hear how Charlotte goes :)

jennyhope said...

real quick...we called the pants a tight roll! can you believe our style back then...what in the world!!!

Irritable Mother said...

Leigh, as I was reading I just kept saying, "Mmm Hmm!" He is sooooo good, and I want to be more like Him, spreading His fragrance everywhere I go.
Praying for your Charlotte engagement!

Kim said...

Leigh -

I pray you had a great trip and that the speaking engagement was well received. Have a great day catching up at home!


Profbaugh said...

Hey Leigh,

How'd the speaking engagement go?? Can't wait to hear how God moved through your presentation. Thanks for letting Him use you so powerfully.