Wednesday, September 19, 2007

436 - People worship

Lord Jesus - I am up and really awake today. I went to bed at 8:45pm last night. It felt so good to actually hear the alarm go off. I needed that huge stint on sleep. Today I feel great. Aerobics was another great class. I am having to make some calls at work that scare me to death. I am not selling anything, thank goodness, but it still scares me to do all the calling. I hate to bug people, but it is just part of it. I am sure I will get over it. Stephanie was very encouraging! We have church tonight and our Children's program is starting. Oh Lord, I pray with all my heart that you bring some kids Tucker's age. He wants more friends at church and I want that for him. We had a lady call us up and wanted to see the house and then made us an offer. It was not an offer we could entertain, but it was nice to get an offer - without a realtor. It will happen!

This morning I am going back to my devotion/study about idols. Oh Lord, thank you for the ways you brought to my mind things that could be an idol here on earth. The issue I feel is most common with the things here on earth are money and people. We put too much trust in both and we expect too much out of both. Thoughts or actual statements we have all heard: "If we only had more money or made a certain amount then things would be fine. If i can get this much in my account then I can rest. I am going to buy no matter what because I can just pay for it later. I am not going to tithe because I can just give to whomever and know that my money is put to better use. I have to have this!" There is definitely a world on bondage when you are hording and working so hard for that nest egg, but the greater noose is when you owe to everyone and can not seem to get it under control for one reason or another. I have heard too many testimonies about this. One of my close friends was a recovering shop-aholic when i met her. Her stories were incredibly intense and made me almost not be able to breath just hearing her describe the hole she had dug. It is not just bondage, it is sin, and an idol.

We idolize people. It can start with just an admiration or inspiration, but can quickly move into an all out idolization. I got to hear Mandissa at Deeper Still and it was incredible. She talked about being on American Idol and how desperate people were to not just be recognized, but loved. She talked about her obvious addiction to food - what bravery she had! But we think we know all these people that we really don't know, but think we do, and want to be just like them. This can be a preacher, teacher, neighbor, celebrity, singer..................... The really tough thing is we put so much pressure on them. We have these ideas of things they should do and when they don't we feel crushed as if they let us down! They are just living their lives having no idea we thought one way or another............ It is not fair to them, but it most certainly not fair to our Lord. He is the only one we will not get disappointed in. He is perfect and never changing. He is merciful and also constant. You can not predict what He is going to do in each situation, but You can claim how He has done things in the past (review His faithfulness) and believe in asking that He might see fit to move that way again! He deserves to be the one we run to, He deserves to be the one we look up to for everything, He deserves to be the one we worship, He deserves to be the one we get goo-gooed about. He deserves the one that get our whole heart. Oh Lord, my heart gets torn so often over people that I turn into an idol. Forgive me for putting so much pressure on them and forgive me for neglecting my love for you!! Replacing my love for you with something else - usually a person! Oh Lord, forgive me!!

The last of Exodus 20:4 says the we also should not worship anything "in the waters below". I am not too much of a water person. We don't boat, but we do fish a lot! Well, I should say my hubby and son - the girls like it too, but don't get invited very often. The thing that comes to mind in this section is passion. I know there are people that are passionate about saving the earth and water included....................... I reckon that too can become a form of worship. Or missing church and worship to go "commune with God in a boat, at the beach, at the lake, wherever water is". Anything and everything can be an idol. It just all depends on how quickly we could give it up or what it does to us when missing in our lives. An Idol - it is so much more than just a tangible ting - it is all about the heart and motivation.

Lord, thank you for helping me to know what you are asking of me and what you require of me. All this idol stuff is not new, but it is great to write it out and really think about it as I get it on "paper". Lord, I want to be sold unto you and you only. I want to worship you with all I have no matter what I have or little I have. I want to use what you give me to worship you, not worship what you give me! Oh Jesus - let my heart be pure like a child. I want to see you today! I love you!!!


Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leigh. I love getting a look into your heart!
Please come over to pick up an award I have for you.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This is good word!


Karen said...

Great word, girl!! You are always such a blessing and encourage me whenever I drop by.

Blessings and Hugs~

CrownLaidDown said...

Well said, my friend Leigh, who is also friendly :)

I am praying for your this moment and asking God to continue to bless you, to bless you family and to provide others in your son's church group.
Love you in Jesus,

Profbaugh said...

Thanks Leigh, for bringing my focus back to where it should be--on Christ and Christ alone!


Melissa May said...

So glad you mentioned how we think we "know" other people and idolize them. God did a big work in me regarding that last year and just recently showed me I had a new idol to crush... An imaginary "perfect" version of myself I was constantly comparing my actual self to and always feeling awful and not "good enough" because of. The lights came on when I realized maybe God didn't want me to be like I was always imagining I "should" be and since I rejected that idol version of myself I have been experiencing so much freedom!!!!! : )

Keep up the good words, Leigh!