Friday, September 21, 2007

438 - "Idol Eyes"

Lord Jesus, thank you for the way the house is coming. We have every last bit of wallpaper off the walls - it is down to the bones due to a guy named Nick. Nick fell on some hard times and now is trying to get his life back together. He is the hardest worker you will ever meet and just a fire about him. He is trying hard to get his life back together so that he can get custody of his son again. I love more than anything being able to reach out and do something to help someone help themselves. I really believe Nick will be a success story. I don't know if he knows the Lord, but hopefully I can get to you on that one. Clay came in contact with him through a guy at our old church that does prison, jail, and halfway house kind of ministry. I am cheering Nick on for his life, and so appreciative for all the hard work he has given us this week! Wow!

Aerobics went well again last night. We had 3 more ladies join. I would say on any given day we are close to 20 ladies per night! It is fantastic!! Thank you Jesus! ----------Dairy day is tonight and tomorrow. Kids will ride a ton of rides tonight and then have games tomorrow. We have the washer pitching contest, the frog jumping contest, the bubble blowing contest, pet parade, the kids' parade, and just a whole slew of other stuff as well. We are very excited!! ---- I have one situation in my life right now that is very sad and disappointing. Lord, you know the details and I pray you get to the bottom of everything. Jesus, please come through for us and show us your plan. Thank you for this opportunity to see You be huge! ------ Did you get to see Leslie last night on Survivor. I didn't either, but then watched every youtube scene I could possibly find. I was so proud of her for walking out of the Budda Temple and service. Way to go sister!!

Lord, I am still on the idols thing and boy have you given me a Word this morning. Many times the reason something becomes an idol is because we don't trust YOU that You will give us "it" and therefore the worship begins! It is kind of like the grass is greener on the other side kind of deal. We see "it" and think if we only had that life would be so much better. But the whole time God is saying, no I have better things for you. If you would wait you will see something good that I want to give you that is far better. I will satisfy your ultimate need (sometimes we don't even understand our greatest need like our Maker would) with good things, perfect things, the best things - Just wait!!!!!! Ps. 103 is a beautiful Psalm by David - it is praise to Him explaining all God's benefits, wonderful qualities, attributes, actions, "faithfulnesses", etc. Verse 5 is the one I can not get away from. "who satifies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." Oh Lord thank you!!!

Jesus - you not only know my desires, but in Your sovereignty You find a way to satisfy them with GOOD things. Now that speaks to my heart! God, good is only expressed through you. Only you can totally satisfy my heart and make me saieted! Praise you, Lord. I think the thing that is so important for me to remember is that the filling you do for me and that satisfaction might look different than what I am expecting. That is where the trust comes in. Oh Lord, I do trust you, don't I? Everything that is good and of God will have the nature of God in it. Now that is exciting too IF i see it!! Lord, give me those eyes for you and not "Idol Eyes".

Thank you for your provisions. Thank you for your kindness towards me. Thank you for your realness and preciousness. May I more and more fall in love with you. May my heart want nothing but to be satisfied by you and for you! Thank you for the grace and mercy that bestows renewal to my body and mind when I wait for your satisfaction! Oh Lord, I want to fly with the eagles. I want to sore on the mountain tops, I want to see things from a distance with wisdom and clarity! I want to be like You! Change me, and mold me!! My I be of some satisfaction to you today! I love you!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I did watch Survivor and was so proud of Leslie for leaving the temple. They kept saying this wasn't a worship service, but I think she knew in her heart that putting her face on the floor in front of that statue was disrespectful to our Savior. She left and you know what! Her tribe won their challenge and she's still there. So there you go!!!

I believe God blessed her for taking a stand. We could all learn a lesson there!! At least I know I could. :)

Sharon said...

Thank you for this post.
May we not find ourselves face to the floor in front of anyone or anything but HIM.

Nicki said...

Hey I don't know if you know this but you can go to and watch the full episodes online! Pretty cool!

connorcolesmom said...

I love this post Leigh. I love your honesty and heart pouring out to your savior through this post. I also love the story of Nick - I do hope he is on the right track and stays the course :)
I do not watch Survivor - who is Leslie - a friend.
Even though I do not know her she is a sister who stood up for our Father. That is awesome!
Much love,