Wednesday, November 07, 2007

471 - Making my god

Dear Lord, thank you for such a productive day yesterday. I got 5 more contracts sent out and feel so blessed when I am able to do that. Thank you Father for those opportunities and divinely appointed events. Yesterday during my prayer time I was interrupted by the phone..........again. (One reason to meet with you early.) As the phone rang I gently said Lord, would you make that a December speaking engagement - I don't have hardly any, if any, in December - and I love talking about YOU during that time of year. Of course I let it go to the answering machine and guess what - someone wanting me to speak on December 9 - yep, December and my birthday. Thank you Lord, praise you!! That was fun!

Lord, I know how often I put you in a box or rather I keep you in a box. When it comes down to it I make you out to be the God i want or the God i expect. You don't work that way do you!! Thank you for that!! I appreciate you not making me be a puppet and You certainly will not stand to be a puppet either. Thank you!

I was reading in Exodus this morning - again about reflecting His image and idols - can't seem to get away from that topic. Plus I think it is so interesting that when I find something about reflecting His image, etc. there is always a correlation to idols. Hmmmm.... Exodus 32:4 "He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool. Then they said, "These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." See, what I understand to be going on is pretty crucial. Moses has gone up to the mountain to MEET with God Almighty and the people get impatient waiting for him. So they go to their next best leader - not even a newly elected one, but the right hand man to Moses (there is a another lesson) - Aaron, and ask him to make them something to worship - "gods that will go before us" were the words. (This right hand man thing reminds me of the Joel Olsteen deal. His dad did things one way and now his son, Joel, has taken over and done things totally different - I don't believe for the best.)

So as Aaron was making the gods or idols - one in the same - i wonder what kind of thoughts were going through the people's minds. "When we get this all done then I won't be scared anymore. When we get this one made I will have all the luck in the world. When we get this one done I will have plenty of food and clothes. When we get this one done I can impress the family 4 tents down. When we get this one done it will make me so happy. When we get this one done I will be powerful and strong." The idols Aaron was constructing were for their purpose - their own intentions, their own selfish gain - had nothing to do with really worshiping.

Lord Jesus- how do I try to fashion you, how do I try to construct you, how do i try to mold you into what i want. Oh Lord, forgive me for the times that i do that. Forgive me for not understanding more fully who You are and for not worshipping that. I too get selfish and think I can make you into what i need or what i feel is best. It is all for selfish gain! Lord, help! Even in my prayers i am sure you wonder from time to time if I am talking to You or another. The ways that I address You surely make you wonder what I am praying to - it can't be the Lord Almighty. You are Holy Father and above all - highly esteemed and blessed!!

Thank you Lord for not being a feel good God. Thank you Lord for being a disciplinary and strong. Thank you for being perfect and without reproach! Thank you for being the perfect judge and all knowing of every man's heart. Thank you for seeing my true self and loving me the same. Thank you that i can not change you and if i try to it is not You that i am worshipping! Thank you that you will not be fashioned into anything other than the Holy and perfect Lord God. Thank you for ruling over my life and all of the universe. Thank you for being in control of all and allowing me to take part in a small portion. Thank you for being my portion!! Lord, you are enough, more than enough!! I am in love with you!!!


Valarie said...

Am I sensing a study about to be written? At the very least a speaking topic. Think about it girl! LOVE it!

Leigh Gray said...

yes Val - it is for a speaking event coming up in January, but I do feel like He is giving way more than i need for just an event. Who knows.......... we shall see!!

love, Leigh

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Oh how I'm guilty of trying to keep God in a box. As if He could EVER be confined!!

I loved this post. A good word today. ;)

Lindsee said...

I love that when the phone rang it was for a December speaking engagement. How awesome is he?!

And, yes, we are tall. I am 5'11 and Jackie is the same. How tall are you?!


Leigh Gray said...

Linds - 5"11 too!!!! are you all going to San Antonio????? oh i hope so!!

love, Leigh

Fran said...

That was GREAT! Oh, how I try to keep Him in a box. Its just awful what I can do to Him sometimes and He just loves me anyway. That was wonderful writing today Leigh.

Blessings friend~